Friday, December 20, 2013

Wounded Feet

This has been a tough couple of days for the feet around here. Late yesterday evening, I stepped on a piece of glass that mysteriously appeared in the carpet. Cut an inch long gash in the bottom of my right foot and proceeded to bleed like crazy. Apparently the aspirin therapy in conjunction with my bp meds must be really working because you would have thought I slit my jugular the way the blood was coming out of me.No need for stitches and no need for a crime scene tech despite my bloody footprints everywhere around here while trying to find a bandaid..or two..or three.

Then today, Sandi got hung up in the umbilical cord from her air machine, stumbled, and then managed to kick the ottoman breaking her left little toe. She has unhappily broken it before--several times--and knew exactly what she had done when she did it. After she iced it down for a couple of hours, we got it immobilized and taped up. The ottoman would not have been there in front of her chair if she didn't need her feet up to try and reduce the daily swelling in her lower legs and ankles.

So, the feet have not been making out too well. Told the boys they better be real careful as this kind of crap runs in threes.


Randy Johnson said...

Did the same thing last week. Blood everywhere and a mess for me to clean up. I;m okay, glad you're okay too.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Glad you are okay too.