Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Donations/Thank you

I lost most of Tuesday to the land of pain and muscle spasms after I fell a second time Monday evening in the master bathroom so I have been very late in responding to the incredible generosity of one and all. Fortunately, I don’t think I broke anything. The fall served as a reminder that not only are showers over rated, but I have to make sure somebody is around here if I am going to take one.

I want to thank everyone who so generously donated to the rent fund. As one can see, you folks blew way past my Chip In goal I had conservatively set. Both Sandi and I are so very grateful for all your help. Please know that any monies left over from paying the rent at the end of the month will be used to help us catch up on the utilities such as water, power, and phone.

It does not begin to cover it, but, on behalf of all of us, THANK YOU!!



Shalanna said...

I have been musing on what you could do to try to get a diagnosis and some treatment. Have you considered that it might be a muscular dystrophy-related disease? If it turned out to be that (God forbid), you can get help and free treatment at any MDA clinic. This comes to mind because my friend's daughter Stephanie went through hell before she was diagnosed last year--she fell into the street, had unexplained spasms, etc., and she has limb-girdle dystrophy. The Las Vegas MDA clinic has relocated her to a disability-friendly apartment and has given her treatment and help. I don't know if you can go there for initial treatment--but it might be worth asking about. There is a "Free Clinic" in Collin County on Hwy 5 at Parker (near Poor Richard's Cafe--on the north side of Parker), but I don't know if that is just a euphemism for VD and so forth (gallows grin). Still, I keep thinking that somehow if you could get a more firm diagnosis, you could get help. Maybe I'm being too optimistic in this land of budget cuts and no charity. . . but good luck, and we are sending positive thoughts!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank the pic!

As of last October, that had been ruled out. of course, whether that would still be the case now, as whatever it is seems to be progressing, I don't know.

We had been told last month that my wife's part time cashier job at Wal-Mart meant that our family income was too high for the clinic. I think that was because of budget cutbacks they are having.