Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Scareing Parents in "Five Days In Summer"

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For Emily Parker, mother of three, her life, unknown to her, began to unravel the moment she decided to go to the local grocery store. It was supposed to be simple enough as their last summer vacation before school starts winds down. She was leaving in the morning with the kids and returning home to New York as she wanted to leave the house stocked with food for her mom, Sarah. She never returns.

For Will, her husband, his carefully constructed life begins to unravel the moment his mother-in-law calls him late at night. Will knows what the death of a parent can do to a child having lost both of his when he was four due to a car crash. He also knows that Emily would not have just vanished. Before long he is on the road speeding south, to Cape Cod and his mother-in-law’s home seeking answers.

It should have been the local police who found Emily’s abandoned care in the parking lot of the grocery store full of groceries. Instead, it was her husband, Will and a retired FBI profiler, Dr. John Gary, who is writing a book on serial killer’s by researching cold cases. The fact that Emily is missing reminds him of an earlier case he recently read and before long he finds others. His research has led him to an inescapable conclusion. They have five days to find Emily before there is another victim taken from the family. It will be a son.

Shifting in POV, this novel weaves a tale that is guaranteed to stress any parent. Full of interesting characters and constant misdirection by the author, Kate Pepper, readers are kept guessing as to the identity of the kidnapper/serial killer as the days click by. The result is tension filled read for the entire 304 page paperback novel that leads to a violent showdown between forces of the good and evil.

Four Days In Summer
By Kate Pepper
ISBN # 0-451-41140-4
Mass Market Paperback
304 Pages

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