Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Writing Life Update

It’s been a little over a year now since we started sharing this space, you and I. Where has all the time gone? Another Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving looms next week though you couldn’t tell it from the way the stores are decked out. I ranted last year on that subject and won’t do it again this year.

At least it finally feels like fall here in North Texas. After days and weeks of above normal temps, this morning we woke to clear skies and lows in the low thirties and lower. That and a large blue heron that flew over this apartment complex screaming its head off at five am. Normally, the bird, which lives around here somewhere, lets loose once or twice and then quits. Not this morning—it didn’t stop for about fifteen minutes and was almost continuous. Of course, everyone else slept on but not yours truly.

I’m up now. Thanks, bird.

So, I grabbed a cup of tea and my coat and stepped out on the porch and caught the last of a full moon heading towards the western horizon as well as the first fingers of dawn. No wind and no traffic except for the occasional car heading down the adjoining street. It was beautiful.

And while I was out there I began to think about my writing and lack of progress as I have for the last week or so. I’m not sure if it is because of my upcoming birthday this weekend, the fact that my oldest, who at birth wasn’t much bigger than my hands put together now can stand toe to toe with me and turns eighteen in late December, or what it is but time seems to have flown. And at least writing wise, I have very little to show for it.

Good News Front

Currently at my reviews of THE RIVER HOUSE By Margaret Leroy, SEE ISABELLE RUN by Elizabeth Bloom, RED HOT CAJUN by Sandra Hill, and PROMISES TO KEEP by Susan Crandall are now up as well as several other ones.

Currently at Mysterical-E my review of AS DOG IS MY WITNESS by Jeffrey Cohen is now up as well as numerous other reviews in the archives section.

In print (not available online) in the November edition of SENIOR NEWS I have my normal book review column which this month covers STILL RIVER: A LEE HENRY OSWALD MYSTERY by Harry Hunsicker and THE TEXAS RODEO MURDER by George Wilhite.

Bad News (Or No News) Front

I have zero fiction sales again this year. Not a one. Nothing and it certainly isn’t from not sending them out. The local stores have made a small fortune from me in mailing supplies and currently a number of stories have yet to bounce back so I could be premature in all of this. After a year, I’ve made very little progress on my novel and there is still no word on the publisher search for the anthology I am involved in so that isn’t going to come into print anytime soon.

So, there you have it. I can and do review books and I think I do them pretty well. But for the life of me, I can’t seem to sell my fiction and haven’t been able to since the late 90’s.

Which begs the obvious question—is it time to fold the tent on all of it and call it quits?

I honestly don’t know.

More next time and as always feel free to drop me a note here or at with your comments, observations, and suggestions.

Thanks for reading!

Kevin R. Tipple © 2005


Megan said...

If it's a choice between, say, eating and folding the tent, then yeah, fold it. But assuming the situation's less dire...hey, even with the mailing supplies it's a cheap hobby.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

One does want more than ahobby from this. :))) Hey, thanks for reading. Much appreciated.


Diana Castilleja said...

Kevin, from one writer to another - If we breathe, then there is hope. I am only a fledgling, but if I had taken those first rejections too seriously, or listened to the whip and crack of my critique hounds, I would have cried myself to sleep.
We didn't do this just for the fame. We all know we do it because it is as necessary as that breath we draw every morning.

Don't fold the tent.

We need your words, dear friend.

Diana C.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you, Diana. Wonderfully said.