Saturday, March 31, 2007


Saw this online today at my Poetry and Book Reviews group and thought I would share with you......

Wanted: Speakers
I. Do you want to be a speaker in Muses Poetry Festival?

1. Submit your topic of interest (related to poetry, publishing poetry, poetry techniques, etc.)
2. State in your resume if you want to be a volunteer speaker or a paid speaker.
3. Submit your resume, topic of interest to
4. Deadline of submission of resume/topics: June 30, 2007.
Note: If you are not a selected speaker, you can still be a speaker in future poetry festivals.

II. Do you want to read your poems in Muses Poetry Festival?
1. Submit the titles of your poem you want to read.
2. Explain the background of your poems. (max of 200 words)
3. Don't submit your poems yet.
4. Submit the titles of your poem and poem background to
5. Poems may either be published in your poetrybooks or not yet published.
5. Deadline of submission of title of poems and explanation of poems: June 30, 2007.6.
Take note: You don't have to submit your poems yet. I will contact the person who has the best explanation of their unsubmitted poems.7. Winners of past Muses Prize - Poetry are encouraged to join and to read their poems in the future Muses Poetry Festival.

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