Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back in the Key West with Keely Moreno

Cold Case Killer: A Keely Moreno Mystery
By Dorothy Francis
Five Star Publishing
April 2007
ISBN #1-5944-485-0

Professional foot reflexologist Keely Moreno returns in yet another enjoyable cozy style mystery. Her business in Key West continues as does her relationship with Punt Ashford. Punt continues looking for a more serious commitment from Keely. However, Keely's past history of bad relationships still haunts her dreams and makes her a bit skittish, justifiably so.

Despite her best intentions to stay out of the mystery solving business she begins to get threats regarding the Randy Jackson case. Randy Jackson was convicted of murder twenty years ago and was recently release from prison after DNA evidence finally proved his innocence. His mother, Maxine had asked for Keely's help a week ago and Keely didn't know where to begin. She also wanted no part of it. But the threats change things and before long once Punt knows, he throws the resources of his detective agency into the case.

What follows is another cozy style read where Keely and her boyfriend Punt search for clues and the future of their relationship. Old friends such as Consuela make another return engagement and foot reflexology is described in detail. Character development remains nearly stagnant as the past has a tight grip on Keely despite her occasional flashes of independence. While change is alluded to by the end of the novel, one can't say the character has actually grown or changed based on a couple of pages at the end of the book despite what you may read elsewhere.

This is another lightweight cozy style mystery heavy on the romance and slow in the mystery that provides another overall enjoyable read. Predictable in spots and with no real surprises, the read is primarily atmospheric in nature where the reader is once again carried away into the sights and sounds of the Keys.

Kevin R. Tipple © 2007

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