Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Small Caliber Reviews---"Hundred Dollar Baby"

Spenser returns in Robert B. Parker’s novel “Hundred Dollar Baby” and April Kyle returns as well (“Ceremony” and “Taming A Sea Horse”) and the resulting reunion is bittersweet at best. She has become the highly successful madam of an escort service located in Back Bay. She needs help as forces are bearing down on her to try to take her business away from her. Once more, Spenser along with Hawk and a couple of others try to save her from her fate. This is typical Spenser fare and as such a fast read that skims the surface of complex topics such as emotional dysfunctionality, fate, and the alleged power men hold over women.

This review previously appeared online in the "Small Caliber Reviews" section of the Spring Edition of the "Mouth Full of Bullets" found easily at http://www.mouthfullofbullets.com Submissions and readers always welcome!

Kevin R. Tipple (c) 2007

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