Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chris Roerden Workshop

Tony Burton of Crime and Suspense e-zine and Wolfmont Publishing posted the below on one of the many lists I am on. With his permission, I am posting the news here.

If you are a writer...And live in North Georgia or Tennessee, you could do much worse than to arrange to be in Calhoun, Georgia on September 29 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.

Agatha Award-winner Chris Roerden will be presenting a workshop for writers at the Harris Arts Center, "The Role of the Writer's Voice In Getting Published."

I think a lot of people here on this list already know Chris, but she has been in the editing and writing business for over 44 years, and has a great grasp of the realities of what it takes to get a book past the snarling dogs that guard the publisher's front gates.

Chris will be enlightening all and sundry who attend, as well as signing both her previous book, "Don't Murder Your Mystery!" and her latest, "Don't Sabotage Your Submission!"

The cost of this? VERY, very low: only $20! You would usually pay much more than this to hear Chris give one of her workshops, but this workshop is being sponsored to reduce the cost. PLUS! There will be free pizza! How can you miss?

Contact the Harris Arts Center at 706-629-2599 to pre-register.

Tony Burton
Chair, Literary Arts Guild
Calhoun-Gordon Arts Council

While I don't know anything further than what Tony posted about this workshop, I can say that if you are in the area you really should attend. I have had the pleasure of having heard Chris speak at a recent Hardboiled Heroes and Cozy Cats conference in Dallas. I found the presentation to be very helpful and informative.


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