Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Missing the final episode of Wallender?

If you live in the range of PBS station KERA 13 in the Dallas Fort Worth area and were counting on them to run the final episode of Wallender as scheduled you didn't get what you expected. Without any notice or explanation they didn't show it and instead went with some deal where pledging viewers got to play program director and vote on some British comedies.

I knew they were pledge driving but I thought they would honor PBS scheduling. Silly me. I should have know better as they have been known for years for ignoring what has been advertised in favor of doing whatever.

I finally heard back today from somebody over there who wrote and advised that they aired the third episode at 3am on Sunday, May 24rth. Of course, they never bothered to advertise the fact they were going to do this so that those of us who were interested could set our VCRs or DVRs. Nope, they just did it.

According to the rep, they will run it again on August 7th at 9pm.

Assuming they haven't started another pledge drive by then.


Skittles said...

Pledge drive started on August 8th. How many of these damn things do they have a year? And why the crappy programming during the drive?

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I have no idea. They have pledge drived all summer and it has been very annoying. I completely forgot about this last night and managed to miss it again.