Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Short Story Wednesday Review: Cleveland In My Dreams by Lawrence Block


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Hackett has a serious problem and his therapist by the name of Loebner is not helping at all.  Hackett has told him again and again that his dream every night is always the same. Hackett dreams that a mysterious caller rings him up and tells him he has to drive to Cleveland. In his dream he gets dressed and goes out to his car where a briefcase is waiting for him on the passenger seat. He drives the briefcase to Cleveland and then drives back. Since the very real drive takes four hours to get there and four hours to get back it is exhausting.


Hackett needs help and Loebrer isn’t doing much to help him. Telling his dream over and over again isn’t doing any good. Something has to change.


This is one of those short stories where one thinks it is going to go one way and instead it goes in a far different direction. Once that is accomplished author Lawrence Block ups the ante by throwing in a couple of more twists. Cleveland in My Dreams is a fast and ultimately very funny read.


This short story e-book also includes Chapter One of the new book, The Burglar Who Counted Spoons.




Material was picked up during the author’s recent free read promotion for my use in an objective review. 


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