Friday, February 03, 2023

FFB Review: Innocent in Death: Eve Dallas Mysteries by J.D. Robb


Teacher Craig Foster has minutes to live as Innocent in Death: Eve Dallas Mysteries by J. D. Robb begins. When his death comes it is going to be brutal, nasty, and very painful. It is a bad way to go and clearly somebody wanted him to suffer.

For Lieutenant Eve Dallas, the number one Homicide Detective In New York City, schools creep her out. Considering her childhood, one can certainly understand why. She would rather deal with a lot of bad things then walk into Sarah Child Academy. But, she must because Craig Foster is dead in his classroom and she stands for the dead.

So too does Detective Delia Peabody. Together the two begin working the case. Almost from the start at the crime scene, it is clear that this is a murder.

Unfortunately, it won’t be the last, despite their best efforts.

Innocent in Death is one of the better written and more intense books of this long running series. A lot is going on in the read via the multiple secondary storylines. None of those can be discussed without negatively impacting the read. So, I won’t.

Innocent in Death: Eve Dallas Mysteries is not only very good; it is well worth your time.



My reading copy came in digital format by way of the OverDrive/Libby app and the Dallas Public Library System.


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Jerry House said...

I appreciate your steady reviews of the Eve Dallas mysteries, Kevin, although I realize that, by the time you finish reviewing all the current and future entries in the series, I will probably have been in my grave for several decades. Novel #56 is due to be released this coming Tueday. (And that's not counting the ten individual novellas in the series thus far.)

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I expect to be dead, if not homeless, long before I get anywhere close to caught up, Jerry. But, for now, I enjoy reading them.