Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Review: An American in Scotland: A Scottish Isle Mystery by Lucy Connelly

Dr. Emilia McRoy has left it all behind to move to Sea Isle, Scotland. The small town and the countryside are beautiful and the local citizenry (for the most part), is thrilled to have her as they have been without a local doctor for quite some time. Moving here from Seattle, and an active ER full of violent trauma cases and other issues, to this quiet and peaceful place where the worst that might happen is some sort of fall or a newborn in distress is going to be a wonderful and very much needed change. At least, that was her plan.


She did not count on finding a body. She also did not realize she is the coroner as well.


That is her situation as, within hours of arriving, she has found the body of a local known to all as “Smithy.” The deceased apparently hated her family and very publicly threatened her just two hours ago. Now she has to deal with the annoying local constable, Laird Ewan Campbell, who is not quite treating her as a suspect, but that may chnage as rumors blaming her for his death have already begun to circulate among some of the locals. The good doctor and the local constable have not gotten off to a good start and she does not see any signs of that improving.


She also does not see what is coming as the threats increase and other folks become endangered. Much is going in An American in Scotland: A Scottish Isle Mystery by Lucy Connelly and the good doctor is in the middle of it.


This reader very much enjoyed this complicated and highly entertaining mystery. I’m not much of a cozy mystery reader, but this one worked really well in all aspects. The characters are complicated, the scenery and the weather is a character in to itself, and the story is one that moves forward at a steady pace with lots of twists and turns. There is also some humor and I found myself laughing out loud at points.


I would not have known about it at all except for Lesa Holstine’s recent review which convinced me to take a chance on it tough my local library. Glad I did as the read happens to be one of my favorite books of the year so far.



My reading copy came by way of the Prairie Creek Branch of the Dallas Public Library System.


Kevin R. Tipple ©2023


Lesa said...

Oh, I love it that An American in Scotland is one of your favorite books so far this year. I know it's not what you normally read. Good one, wasn't it? Terrific review, Kevin.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I very much enjoyed it. No, it is not anywhere close to what I normally read. But, your review got me interested and I got it in late April. So, I had it here, along with a ton of other library books, when the ransomware attack hit and took everything City related down.

Thanks for the review compliment. My mind is mush and writing reviews is getting harder, for some reason. Hopefully, this is just a phase again.

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