Thursday, June 22, 2023

Today's Example of How Not To Behave

I got the below in my spam folder this afternoon. I have withheld the name of the sender to protect the identity of this miserable person.

"You reviewed a book a couple of months ago. It was so interesting and I contacted you to find out more about it. You never answered my question. So I guess your reviews are only for your interest only. You expect no one to really read the book, so I will stop reading your reviews. You’re such a selfish person."

Having never gotten any such message, I have no idea what book it was nor the question. As this person only lashed out with the above and never followed up on the original question, I can provide zero help now.

I recognize that to be this angry, this person is going through some things and lashing out. The issue is not me, or the reviews, or the question. The issue is this person is going through something. As I told the person, I hope things get better. 


Kevin Burton Smith said...

My favourite comment on a review I wrote started with a string of insults about my race, my nationality, my gender, my hairline, my ancestry and my sexual preferences (apparently involving children) and moved on to the coup de grace… wait for it… “That’s just your opinin.”

And yes, that’s how it was spelled.

But imagine… a critic offering his opinion! The mind boggles.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

It makes one wonder.

A couple of times on reviews since Sandi passed, I have gotten variations of the --no wonder your wife died as you are a horrible person. At least this latest person did not go there.

Since the first of year, I have also gotten the--you only rated by book four stars and you should have gone five stars--- variations.