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Scott's Take: Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1: Demon in the Armor by Gerry Duggan

Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1: Demon in the Armor by Gerry Duggan is the latest new Iron Man series. This book is heavily crossing over with the X-Men titles and is considered part of the Fall of X series. Iron Man is an X-Men title and is being run by the X-Men editors. The Fall of X is about the X-Men losing their island and being scattered across the globe and elsewhere. They are being hunted by the organization, Orchis, and the general public has turned on the X-Men. This volume is set before that stuff and helps setup how the X-men lose their island. The next volume is set during the Fall of X and the Hellfire gala (3rd one).


So, this is another Iron Man loses everything while he is being introspective about himself run. Yes, that is the book. I realize this is pretty much covers the same ideas has the previous Slott, Bendis, Cates runs.


But, this one is done way better than these runs even if the core ideas are the same.


It’s hard to talk about the villain for this run since it is a character that heavily ties into the X-Men books. There is murder, a conspiracy, and hostile takeover of Tony Stark’s company. He has a new place and new status quo. If one keeps up with the current promotions by Marvel comics, one probably knows that this (major spoiler) series is building to the wedding of Emma Frost of the X-men to Tony Stark (aka Iron Man).


The art is good and Gerry Duggan has a good grasp on the character of Iron Man. This is the most interesting Iron Man book in a long time, in my opinion. I still don’t like the current Iron Man suit. I also think that Tony’s mustache is a really bad look. Outside of those nitpicks, Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1: Demon in the Armor is a really good book even if it is reusing the same ideas that all the previous other most recent writers have done.

The second volume of this series currently does not have a title or a release date.


My reading copy came from the Dallas Public Library System and the Hoopla app. This read was read on hoopla.


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