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RTE Update--- Sept. 20 issue of RTE

As posted elsewhere earlier today.....

The current issue of RTE, out on September 20th, includes fifteen new reviews as well as a new interview:


John Florio  in the 'Sixty seconds with . . .' interview hot seat:

Reviews this week:

TITLE                    AUTHOR                REVIEWER

TITLE                    AUTHOR                REVIEWER

THE PAYING GUESTS    Sarah Waters        Yvonne Klein       
When Frances Wray lets rooms to a married couple, she only expects much needed revenue, but her life and that of the Barbers becomes closely intertwined.

BLIND MOON ALLEY    John Florio        Diana Borse       
Jersey Leo is an albino, a man for Aaron Garvey who protected him from bullying through school. Garvey escapes from prison just before he is to be executed and now the cops are beating on anyone who knows him; Jersey is, of course, hiding him.

THE CHILDREN ACT        Ian McEwan    Yvonne Klein   
High Court Judge Fiona Maye, who presides over family court cases, must decide whether the adolescent son of Jehovah's Witnesses may be transfused against his and his parents' wishes in order to treat his leukemia. Her judgement affects not only the boy, but herself as well.

REMAINS OF INNOCENCE     J. A. Jance        Cathy Downs       
A young man with cognitive disabilities is found murdered and tortured, then the medical examiner of Cochise County is discovered in his home, tortured to death.

MURMURS OF INSANITY    Gerrie Ferris Finger     Sharon Mensing       
Dru helps one of Lake's relatives who is a person of interest in a college student's disappearance and potential murder while a performance art troupe wreaks havoc on the investigation

SORROW BOUND    David Mark    Barbara Fister       
It's hot in Hull and Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy has a feeling that the exceptionally brutal murder of a middle-aged woman may be just the first.

MURDER IN RETRIBUTION    Ann Cleeland         PJ Coldren       
Newlywed Detective Constable Kathleen Doyle adjusts to her new marital status and pregnancy while working on a very complicated case which may or may not involve her husband, Chief Inspector Michael Acton.

THE LONG WAY HOME    Louise Penny    Ann Pearson       
When Peter Morrow fails to return from his yearlong separation to his wife, Clara, she enlists the help of Armand Gamache in finding him on a trip that leads to the Lower North Shore of the St Lawrence River and beyond.

THE HEIST    David Silva        Anne Corey       
When his friend discovers a brutal murder, Gabriel Allon is recruited to track down not only the killer but also a stolen masterpiece and in doing so uncovers a money trail that leads directly to one of the world's worst dictators.

EVIL IN RETURN    Weyman Jones     Sharon Mensing   
A woman is kidnapped by a Native American seeking to avenge historical wrongs.

HAUNTED    Randy Wayne White        Megan Sweeney   
Hannah Smith is asked to help prove development property is stigmatized and unmarketable.

Mike Ripley completes an unfinished MS left starring Albert Campion that takes him from a small village to Monte Carlo.

THE LATE SCHOLAR    Jill Paton Walsh    Caryn St Clair       
A college in Oxford is faced with selling a treasured manuscript or financial ruin. As the college's new Visitor, Lord Peter is summoned to help resolve the issue.

PRISON NOIR     Joyce Carol Oates, ed    Lourdes Venard       
A collection of 15 short stories presents a new perspective on prison literature from those who know what it's like on the inside.

CONVERSION    Katherine Howe    Ben Neal       
The girls at St Joan's boarding school are exhibiting symptoms like the girls in early 18th century Salem that resulted in the witch trials. What is going on?

We post more than 900 new reviews a year -- all of them are archived on the site -- as well as a new interview with a top author every issue.

Yvonne Klein

Via LRHallBooks: Summer Short Story Spectacular, Season 1, Episode ...

LRHallBooks: Summer Short Story Spectacular, Season 1, Episode ...: With this blog, the Summer Short Story Spectacular ends.  Season 1 has come to a close.   Tuesday marks the Fall Equinox, a beautiful time o...

Via Lesa's Book Critiques--- It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown...Lee Mendelson

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown...Lee Mendelson

Via Mystery Fanfare: Deanston Scottish Crime Novel of the Year

Mystery Fanfare: Deanston Scottish Crime Novel of the Year: Hats Off to Peter May, winner of the Deanston Scottish Crime Novel of the Year for Entry Island was announced tonight at Bloody Scotland ...

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Via Sea Minor-- One Man's Opinion: STIFFED by ROB KITCHIN

One Man's Opinion: STIFFED by ROB KITCHIN

KRL This Week Update--- More food mysteries, Jan Christensen, Sue McGinty, new mystery TV shows, mystery short story, giveaways & more in KRL

As posted elsewhere earlier today.....

Up this morning in Kings River Life Magazine a mystery short story by Barry Wiley

Also up, reviews & giveaways of 3 more fun food mysteries-"Death is Like a Box of Chocolates": A Chocolate Covered Mystery by Kathy Aarons, "Rebel Without a Cake" by Jacklyn Brady and "The Wedding Soup Murder" by Rosie Genova

And a review & giveaway of "Lost Legacy" by Annette Dashofy

We also have a look at some of the new TV shows premiering this month --including several interesting looking mystery ones like "How To Get Away With Murder" and "The Mysteries of Laura"

And we have a review & giveaway of "Blackout" by Jan Christensen

And a review and giveaway of "The Executioner's Hood" by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson

And for those who also love fantasy, a review & giveaway of "Hidden" by Alex Jacka

Lastly, over on KRL Lite a review & giveaway of "Murder in Mariposa" by Sue McGinty
As always, all of these except the Lite one, and much more, can also be found by going to our home page and scrolling down

Happy Reading,

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Via Dean Wesley Smith-- Why I Haven’t Been Writing Many Publishing Blogs Lately

Why I Haven’t Been Writing Many Publishing Blogs Lately

Via WELCOME TO HELL ~ by Glenn Walker: Z Nation

WELCOME TO HELL ~ by Glenn Walker: Z Nation: If there's anything better than a movie by The Asylum, it would have to be a TV series by The Asylum, and "Z Nation," their...

Via Mystery Fanfare: Cartoon of the Day: Thesaurus

Mystery Fanfare: Cartoon of the Day: Thesaurus

Via Bookbrowsing--- Why You Promote With a Long Tail by C. Hope Clark

Why You Promote With a Long Tail by C. Hope Clark

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Via Ericka Dreifus-- Friday Finds for Writers

Friday Finds for Writers

Sandi Update

Finally back home as they were running way behind. At this point, things seem relatively stabale so they have cut back her dosages on the steroids and a couple of other things. By doing this, it should help with her diabetes numbers so that just maybe--assuming insurance does not cause more issues--she can finally have the much needed PET Scan.

Extra blood was taken from her today so they can run some extra tests to look at various issues. The IVIG infusion went well once it goits started so that was also a good sign.

As it stands right now, we wait to hear on the PET Scan and her next appointment is a month from now on October 17 when she will have another full workup and IVIG infusion.

Sandi also got a real kick out of the fact that all of her hats she donated have again been taken and according to the nurses they were a huge hit.

FFB Review--- "A Vampire Named Fred" by Bill Crider

Friday means Friday’s Forgotten Books hosted by Patti Abbott. Having just read this earlier in the week the book seemed a perfect choice for FFB this week. A Vampire Named Fred by Bill Crider is a fun read that works for all ages making it very much worth your time.

A Vampire Named Fred

The very run down house next door had been on the market for about 15 years when it finally sold. Al, who is 12, loved exploring the old place, but his mom worried about rotted out floors, broken stairs, snakes in the basement, and the bugs and dirt. While his parents would not buy the old place like he wanted them to, at least his Mom never forbade him from going over there.  He had loved going over there and poking around as long as he could remember and often his buddy Hermie went over there with him.

So, Al wasn’t exactly thrilled when the house suddenly sold. Hermie was convinced nothing good for them would happen with the new owners. Hermie was sure the new owners had to be a 100 or something to want to live in that old place and he was sure they would not have grandkids or anything. They probably even hate kids, according to Hermie. Neither one of the boys counted on “A Vampire Named Fred” who needs their help and friendship.

Originally published in print on 1990 and released in electronic format in 2011, this book aimed at the middle school aged crowd is a very fun read. Not only does it play a bit with the vampire legend which Hollywood movies got very wrong according to Fred, the book also mixes in cultural references that will appeal to the adult reader. For example, Elvis (or somebody doing one heck of an impersonation) works down at the local Tastee Daree Freezee where they sell soft ice cream, burgers, and more. He still sings a bit and dances in his blue suede shoes while filling orders. While small things like that may fly by the kids, adults will get a chuckle or two over that and quite a number of other items in this fun story that reminds all readers that being a little different is okay.

“A Vampire Named Fred” is a fun read for all ages by legendary author Bill Crider. It has a sequel titled “A Werewolf Named Wayne.”

A Vampire Named Fred
Bill Crider
Delabarre Publishing
ASIN: B00551J10Y
127 Pages

Material was picked up during a recent author promotion for my use in an objective review.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2014

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Probably True.....

.....though I won't look nearly as good doing it.......


Via The Thrill Begins: 5 Tips to Keep the Momentum of Thrillerfest Alive

The Thrill Begins: 5 Tips to Keep the Momentum of Thrillerfest Alive: by Ursula Ringham It’s been two months since I attended ITW ’s Thrillerfest. I’m back to my regular work routine in high tech and lif...

Via Steve McQueen: The King of Cool Westerns

Via SleuthSayers: Behind the Scenes

SleuthSayers: Behind the Scenes: Jackie Sherbow by Jackie Sherbow We SleuthSayers are very fond of the ladies at Dell’s mystery magazines. A name that often arises ...

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Via Tapir and Friends Animal Store (Realistic Stuffed Animals and Plastic Animals): Very Special Teddy Bears

Tapir and Friends Animal Store (Realistic Stuffed Animals and Plastic Animals): Very Special Teddy Bears

Via ESPN DFW-- Longhorns' David Ash won't return

Via Roger Packer-- Kindle Unlimited borrow rate slumps by 15% to $1.54 for August

Kindle Unlimited borrow rate slumps by 15% to $1.54 for August

Via Ed Gorman's blog: from Patricia Abbott-CONCRETE ANGEL

Ed Gorman's blog: from Patricia Abbott-CONCRETE ANGEL

Via Lesa's Book Critiques--- The Blood of an Englishman by M.C. Beaton

The Blood of an Englishman by M.C. Beaton