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Review: "The Promise: An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel" by Robert Crais

Elvis Cole has taken quite a few strange cases over the years and the latest is going to be another one. Amy Breslyn is missing. A senior executive at Woodson Energy Solutions, Meryl Lawrence, wants Amy found fast and very quietly. The company manufactures fuels for the Department of Defense and Amy
worked there. Beyond the obvious national security problem with a high level employee disappearing there are other issues.

Amy disappeared, $450,000 is now missing from Amy’s department, and Meryl believes that Amy is being coerced. Meryl wants nobody to know that she hired the “world’s greatest detective” so she paid cash and gave Elvis the bare minimum to get started. He can’t see Amy’s  office or have access to her e-mail or know anything about her work. He knows very little. One of the things he does know includes the fact that Amy’s son, Jacob, died sixteen months ago in a terrorist attack overseas. She also gave him one possible lead which has led Elvis Cole to a house in Echo Park one rainy night.

A lead that is going to result in the involvement of multiple members of the Los Angeles Police Department including K-9 Officer Scott James and his German shepherd, Maggie, a dead bod,  and enough explosives to destroy quite an area. Things are just getting started in The Promise: An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel by Robert Crais.

This latest in the Elvis Cole/Joe Pike series is a good one though Pike is regulated to a very small supporting role for most of the book and is not around that much. Told from the point of view of the bad guys, Elvis Cole, Scott James, Maggie, and many others, the read moves through character’s heads as they all pursue their various agendas. That results in some overlap of situations as action sequences and case details are depicted first one way than the other.

This is an action oriented book-- almost thriller like in its lack of character depth-- as the primary few  characters have been fleshed out long before. The only characters that go into any real depth at all are Maggie and her canine handler Scott James. Therefore, it will be helpful to read the preceding book, Suspect, which introduced these two characters as parts of that backstory are referenced here.

The Promise  is a read that powers steadily forward with a focus on action and little else. It is not a normal Elvis Cole/ Joe Pike book as one expects quite a bit more character depth, humor, and meat to the storylines without all the various cardboard cutout characters. Those issues have led some to question whether or not this book was written by the author. It seems clear that it was as it follows the same style and tone as Suspect did. While The Promise is not a book of any depth, it is entertaining and a very fast read. 

The Promise: An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel
Robert Crais
Wheeler Publishing (Gale, Cengage Learning)
November 2015
ISBN# 978-4104-6672-3
Large Print Hardback (standard hardback, audio, and e-book formats are available)
525 Pages

Material supplied by the good folks of the Plano Texas Library System.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2016

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An Unhappy Anniversary Of Sorts

It was a year ago today that I had to deliver the devastating news that the best hope we had for significantly delay the inevitable---the stem cell transplant--- had failed and the cancer was back with brutal vengeance. Sandi and I were devastated though she took it far better than I did. That has been her way the entire time since she was first diagnosed back on Thanksgiving Day in 2011.

It is probably because of her attitude and a lot of support by folks we most likely will never meet as well as a few folks we have met why she is still here. Sandi has far exceeded what all the doctors and nurses thought was possible when they first diagnosed her as terminal. She has blown them away by still being here a year later. That absolutely was not supposed to happen. Yet.....thankfully...it has.

How much time we have left......I have no idea. I am acutely aware of the sword hanging above.....while also very grateful that we had this. My only real regret in all of this is that I was unable to take the financial pressure of the bills, collection agencies, etc., off of her when she needed the peace the most. In that, I have failed and failed miserably.

Book Review: The Necessary Murder of Nonie Blake by Terry Shames—and a Giveaway! (Buried Under Books Blog)

Book Review: The Necessary Murder of Nonie Blake by Terry Shames—and a Giveaway! (Buried Under Books Blog)

Monday Markets and Jobs for Writers (The Practicing Writer)

 Monday Markets and Jobs for Writers (The Practicing Writer)

Monday With Kaye: "Revenger" by Rory Clements (Reviewed by Kaye George)

These days when somebody discusses “altered history” my first thought it is election year campaign related. Thankfully, in this case, that is not true. Before this review, I had never heard of this series. This one came out in hardback in 2011 (there is an e-book version) and apparently is followed by five more books according to Amazon. Sounds really interesting. Kaye George has gone and done it to me again. Now I have to practice self-control and not add to my tbr pile…

Revenger by Rory Clements

This is a tale of altered history, using John Shakespeare, the brother of Williams, as the sleuth. William even makes a brief appearance and plays a role. The first in this series was Martyr and introduced Shakespeare as an "intelligencer" for Her Majesty, the Queen of England, Elizabeth I.

As the second book opens, John has retired from a palace and political intrigue to serve as headmaster of the Margaret Woode School for Poor Boys. His first main problem is an instructor who is too harsh with the students, but whom he is stuck with. The instructor was foisted upon him by the Protestant Bishop as an agent to keep track that no Roman Catholic leanings creep into the curriculum. His second worry is the Roman Catholic faith of his beloved wife, Catherine. She refuses to keep it hidden, a dangerous position in England at this time. John worries for his wife and his young daughter.

Queen Elizabeth, to whom John is loyal, has enemies. England has defeated the Spanish Armada, but Spain is regrouping and King Philip remains a threat. There may also be a plot to arrange a marriage between Lady Arabella Stuart, generally acknowledged to be next in line to the English throne, to Robert Devereux, the Earl of Essex. This would be a powerful alliance and could topple the queen.

Some rough characters convince John to get back into the intrigue game, some working for Sir Robert Cecil, some for Essex. John isn't quite sure who is on the side of the queen and who is against her. When John's wife quits speaking to him after she narrowly misses a trip to the Tower with the Catholic priest she follows, his troubles are compounded. Somehow, his family is entangled in a plot to overthrow his monarch and he must use his wits to keep this from happening.

The book is quite long for a mystery, 448 pages, but there's excitement and conspiracy on almost every page to keep the reader's interest.

Reviewed by Kaye George, Author of Choke, for Suspense Magazine

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A few thoughts.....going in I thought Carolina would win, but wanted to see Manning close out his career with the win. Congrats to the Broncos on the win. Defense wins championships and in this age of high powered offenses it was nice to see that idea reinforced.

Overall, I thought the game was a let down thanks to all the miscues on both sides. I think the two weeks off really hurt the Panthers as they looked rusty and slow all night. So were Jim Nance and Phil Sims, but that is the way they always are as they racked up more unforced errors than the teams combined. How either one of them has a job amazes me.

I thought the commercials were pretty much blah across the board. I just spent a few minutes on Facebook looking at comments from folks who clearly misunderstood various commercials and are screaming blood murder about what they claim was implied. Not only are they clearly humor impaired, they think some commercials advocated, rape, stalking, bestiality, etc.  It is rather scary knowing those way off base folks are out there.

The other good thing about the Denver win is that there will not be any riots to celebrate the victory. As we all know, stoners don't riot as they are very low energy. They just ask very strange questions and crave food. Non food items are pretty much safe.

Been To Five Of Them

Saw this on Bill Crider's blog. I have been to five of them and that was before I turned 18 thanks to my parents' penchant for travel.  While I did appreciate it at the time, I would have appreciated it way more if I knew how the future was going to work out.

15 Surreal Places In Texas You Need To Visit Before You Die

Little Big Crimes: The Devil You Know, by Jas. R. Petrin

Little Big Crimes: The Devil You Know, by Jas. R. Petrin: "The Devil You Know," by Jas. R. Petrin, in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, March 2016. This is Petrin's third ap...

Review: "Terrariums: Gardens Under Glass" by Maria Colletti

If winter weather has got you down Terrariums: Gardens Under Glass by Maria Colletti might be just the prescription you need to chase the blues. The wealth of information in these seven chapters and resources is designed to serve as inspiration to get you started in Designing, Creating, And Planting Modern Indoor Gardens.

These days terrariums can come in all shapes and sizes. Things have come a long way from the glass bowl with a lid style of terrarium we knew in our youth. In her opening chapter “Terrarium Design” author Maria Colletti shows you how to consider the plants you will use in relation to the vessel the plants will go inside as you create a certain style of environment. Along with plenty of explanation through the text and tip areas, there are numerous colorful pictures to further illustrate the important points.

After taking readers through design, the basics involved with a terrarium, and choosing a vessel to put the stuff into, it is on to “Getting Started” in Chapter Four. This is when she shows you how to put it all together through pictures and detailed instructions. This is an incredibly informative section as she shows you step by step how to construct a terrarium in several very different vessels.

While one could be in a hurry to get started, one should pay a lot of attention to the following chapters which cover all sorts of different plants and their needs as well as maintain the terrarium once you get started. As in the rest of the book, variety is key here and showcase by text and photograph.

An extensive resource guide as well as glossary and a four page index bring this book to a close.

Published by Cool Springs Press, Terrariums: Gardens Under Glass is a visual treasure trove filled with neat ideas. This is one of those books that is done very well and can be a huge help in your quest to recreate a little nature inside your home. 

Terrariums: Gardens Under Glass
Maria Colletti
Cool Springs Press (Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc.)
September 2015
ISBN# 978-1-59186-633-6
Paperback (also available in e-book format)
176 Pages

Material supplied by the good people of the Haggard Branch of the Plano Public Library System.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2016

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The South Jersey Writers' Group Blog: Copyright: In, Out, and Upside Down

The South Jersey Writers' Group Blog: Copyright: In, Out, and Upside Down: By Krista Magrowski “Print a copy and mail it to yourself.” “Email yourself a copy.” “I just run a small blog. I don’t need to wor...

FREE Book Alert-- "Urban Decay" by Aidan Thorn

Short story collection Urban Decay by Aidan Thorn is currently free. I don't know a thing about this one, but have added it to the tbr pile.

Amazon synopsis:

"Urban Decay is an apt description for this collection of crime tales. Brought to you by Gritfiction – the guys behind the Near to the Knuckle fiction site.

Following on from his 2013 release Criminal Thoughts Urban Decay will satisfy those who wanted more. Aidan Thorn is very much at the top of his game and we are proud to bring you this outstanding collection of crime fiction."

FREE Book Alert--- "Carnosaur Weekend" by Garnett Elliott

One of my favorite all time reads ever is once again free for your Kindle. Carnosaur Weekend by Garnett Elliott is one heck of a read. I reviewed it here. Amazon synopisis: 

"It’s a dirty job ...

Policing the timelines has always been dangerous, but the brave agents of Continuity Inc. have arguably the most important job in human history. Protecting human history.

Newly promoted agent Kyler Knightly teams up with his uncle, Damon Cole, to stop unscrupulous developers from exploiting the Late Cretaceous. A luxury subdivision smack-dab in the middle of dinosaur country threatens not only the present, but super-rich homeowners looking for the ultimate getaway.

CARNOSAUR WEEKEND includes the original Kyler Knightly story “The Zygma Gambit,” inspired by the dream journals of Kyle J. Knapp, and a sci-fi short story “The Worms of Terpsichore,” all together totaling nearly 16K words."

Trust me....just go get it. Pick up RED VENUS while you are at and pretty much anything else the man has ever done. You won't be disappointed.

KRL This Week Update

Up this morning in KRL reviews & giveaways of 3 new mysteries from Penguin authors-The Grim Steeper by Amanda Cooper, A Turn for the Bad by Sheila Connolly, and A Whisker of Trouble by Sofie Ryan

And a review & giveaway of Stiff Competition by Annelise Ryan http://kingsriverlife.com/02/06/stiff-competition-by-annelise-ryan/

Also a review & giveaway of The Case of the Missing Morris Dancer by Cathy Ace http://kingsriverlife.com/02/06/the-case-of-the-missing-morris-dancer-by-cathy-ace/

Also mystery author Ellen Byron shares what she learned about pralines when researching her mystery novel, and she includes a recipe! http://kingsriverlife.com/02/06/pralines-a-sweet-nola-treat/

And we have a Valentine's Day mystery short story by Josh and Laurie Pachter http://kingsriverlife.com/02/06/coffee-date-a-valentines-day-mystery-short-story/

Over on KRL Lite a review & giveaway of "Drawing Blood" by Deirdre Verne http://kingsriverlife.blogspot.com/2016/02/drawing-blood-sketch-in-crime-mystery.html
Happy reading, Lorie

KRL is now selling advertising & we have special discounts for
mystery authors & bookstores! Ask me about it!
Mystery section in Kings River Life http://KingsRiverLife.com
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Mystery Fanfare: Chinese New Year Crime Fiction: Year of the Monkey...

Mystery Fanfare: Chinese New Year Crime Fiction: Year of the Monkey...: 恭賀發財 Gung Hay Fat Choy! This is the Year of the Monkey. Chinese New Year. I've put together Chinese New Year's Mystery ...

Lesa's latest Contest-- Winter Mystery Giveaway

This week, I'm giving away mysteries, copies of Ann Cleeves' Harbour Street & Maurizio de Giovanni's I Will Have Vengeance: The Winter of Commissario Ricciardi. Details available on my blog, http://www.lesasbookcritiques.blogspot.com. Entries from the U.S. only, please.

Lesa Holstine 

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Crime Review Update

In our new edition of Crime Review (www.crimereview.co.uk) this week we have
16 reviews, together with David McCallum in the Countdown interview hot

We’re on Twitter at:
Crime Review: @CrimeReviewUK
Linda Wilson: @CrimeReviewer
Sharon Wheeler: @lartonmedia

This week’s reviews are:
BLACK WIDOW by Chris Brookmyre, reviewed by Linda Roberts
A whirlwind romance turns into a nightmare when Diana Jaeger’s husband
goes missing
after a car accident.

THE ORDER OF THINGS by Graham Hurley, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
A doctor is found disembowelled in a Devon cottage – and the enquiry sets
DS Jimmy Suttle on a collision course with his estranged journalist wife

THE SEA DETECTIVE by Mark Douglas-Home, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Oceanographer Cal McGill uses his knowledge to investigate the mystery of two
severed feet washed up in two different locations off the coast of Scotland.

DEADLY ELECTION by Lindsey Davis, reviewed by John Cleal
When a body is discovered in a chest at one of Falco’s auctions, his PI
daughter Flavia Albia uncovers a trail of revenge and hatred amid the
politics of Rome.

THE DARKEST SECRET by Alex Marwood, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Three-year-old Coco Jackson disappeared from her family’s holiday home when the
adults were out celebrating. Twelve years on, her father’s funeral brings
hidden secrets into the open.

THE DEVIL’S DAUGHTER by Diana Bretherick, reviewed by John Cleal
Scientist Dr James Murray returns from his father’s funeral to find a letter
from the woman he loved begging him to return to Turin to find her missing

THE FIRST MAN by Xavier-Marie Bonnot, reviewed by Linda Wilson
The mysterious and dangerous Le Guen’s Cave has claimed another life, this time
an experienced diver who had been studying the cave paintings.

THE HANGING GIRL by Jussi-Adler Olsen, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
Seventeen years ago a beautiful girl disappeared from school, only to be found
dead, hanging in a tree. Carl Morck, head of Department Q, is called to

TERMINAL CITY by Linda Fairstein, reviewed by Sylvia Wilson
Three murders lead Alex Cooper and Detective Mike Chapman to the labyrinthine
depths of the Grand Central Terminal and the homeless community there

BLACK NIGHT IN RED SQUARE by Stuart Kaminsky, reviewed by Chris Roberts
In 1980s Moscow, Inspector Rostnikov and his two assistants battle a terrorist
determined to impose a bloody embarrassment on the Soviet State.

RISE OF THE ENEMY by Rob Sinclair, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
Carl Logan of the Joint Intelligence Agency is sent on what should have been
a routine mission to Russia. But he finds himself betrayed and taken

THE ROYALIST by SJ Deas, reviewed by John Cleal
Royalist Dragooner William Falkland awaits death in Newgate. But
Oliver Cromwell
sends him to investigate a series of deaths inside his New Model Army.

DYNAMITE ROOM by Jason Hewitt, reviewed by Chris Roberts
In 1940, an 11-year-old girl returns to her home on the Suffolk coast to find
the area deserted, and is alarmed when a German soldier seems to know all
about her.

THE TRAITOR’S MARK by DK Wilson, reviewed by John Cleal
Goldsmith Thomas Treviot awaits a design for an important commission from Hans
Holbein, Henry VIII’s court artist. When it fails to arrive Treviot is sucked
into the murderous world of Tudor politics.

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Gumshoe Review Update

Gumshoe Review February 2016 now Online @

Original Fiction:
Execution of an Electrician by David Boop

Media Reviews:
Night Life (Michael Cassidy) by David C. Taylor (Read by Keith Szarabajka)

US Book Reviews:
Desperate Measures (Gabriel Ash) by Jo Bannister
Jane and the Waterloo Map by Stephanie Barron
Town in a Cinnamon Toast (Candy Holliday) by B.B. Haywood
What You See (Jane Ryland) by Hank Phillippi Ryan

-- Gayle Surrette
Brandywine, MD 20613
Email: davinci@amperzen.com
Blog: http://amperzen.com/blog

The List----Friday's Forgotten Books, February 5, 2016

The List----Friday's Forgotten Books, February 5, 2016

FFB Review: "KILLERS ARE MY MEAT" by Stephen Marlowe (Reviewed by Barry Ergang)

Friday means Friday’s Forgotten Books. Barry Ergang made his debut for FFB here back in March of 2011 with his review below of Killers Are My Meat by Stephen Marlowe. In the years since Barry has reviewed Drum Beat- Dominique, Terror Is My Trade as well as Double In Trouble  by Stephen Marlowe and Richard S. Prather. Make sure to head over to Patti’s blog for the FFB suggestions today and lots of other good stuff.

KILLERS ARE MY MEAT (1957) by Stephen Marlowe

Reviewed by Barry Ergang

One of the more literate of the hardboiled writers to emerge during the Fifties, the prolific but undervalued Stephen Marlowe created Washington, D.C.-based private detective Chester Drum, most of whose cases take him out of the country. 

Killers Are My Meat starts when Drum is asked by the wife of his mentor, a P.I. named Gil Sprayregan, to find her husband. Drum soon learns Sprayregan has plans to blackmail Sumitra Mojindar, the round-heeled wife of a highly placed East Indian official, not realizing that everyone in D.C. knows of her promiscuity and that she herself doesn't care who knows it. Sprayregan is killed in a deliberate hit-and-run, and soon after his wife is shot to death by a smoothly vicious associate of Mrs. Mojindar who cannot be prosecuted because of his diplomatic immunity.

During the course of these events, Priscilla Varley tries to hire Drum to accompany her husband Stewart to Benares, India, where Varley will attend as a Western Observer an Afro-Asian Conference at which Mrs. Mojindar's husband is to be a key speaker. Varley is a man looking "to find himself" in the exotic, "mystical" East. Initially Drum declines the job, but after the Sprayregans are murdered, he agrees.

The plot develops further in Benares when Varley seeks out a sadhu, a holy man, and then goes missing; and Drum encounters an old friend and former lover, reporter Marianne Wilder, who is covering the conference. When Marianne is kidnapped by the same people who want Drum to deliver Varley to them, the action picks up and seldom flags. As things progress, Drum learns what Mrs. Mojindar and company feared Sprayregan had on them, and has to bring things to a satisfactory conclusion without causing an international incident--if he can survive the beatings he sustains along the way.

Imagine Philip Marlowe gone international and you have a sense of Chet Drum--though Drum's a lot more physical, less inclined to wisecracks, and a touch less cynical.

Born Milton Lesser (he legally changed his name), Stephen Marlowe writes in a crisp, literate style that shows definite flashes of Raymond Chandler, including the occasional Chandleresque simile. He has a good sense of character and an excellent sense of place and pace. If you enjoy quick, exciting reads, you owe it to yourself to seek out the Chester Drum novels by an author who was popular in his day but who, regrettably, is all but unknown nowadays except by collectors and nostalgia buffs.

More on the author can be found at: http://gadetection.pbwiki.com/Killers-Are-My-Meat

Barry Ergang © 2011, 2016

Derringer Award-winner Barry Ergang’s written work has appeared in numerous publications, print and electronic. Some of it is available at Amazon and at Smashwords. His website is http://www.writetrack.yolasite.com/.

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Way Too Recent To Be A Forgotten Book

Forgotten Book: Between the Living and the Dead by Bill Crider (2015)

MWA REMINDER: Saturday, Feb 6, 2016 meeting IN NEW LOCATION

We have a new location for our meetings. DO NOT go to Texas Land and Cattle – they have changed their policy about group meetings and now demand hundreds of dollars per meeting for use of the room.

The Olive Garden on Belt Line at Midway in Addison (4240 Belt Line). They have a nice private room and free bread, but in the form of sticks rather than loaves. We can order off the lunch or dinner menu.

If you go to the old location by mistake, you'll have time to get to the new one before the meeting starts. Why? Next paragraph.

Doors open at 10:00 AM, meeting starts at 10:30 AM. If you arrive before 10:00 AM, bring a book so you can read while sitting on the Olive Garden's nice stone bench outside the front door.

We still meet the first Saturday of every month except January. Our next meeting is Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kendel Lynn, Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Henery Press.

Kendel Lynn is a Southern California native who now lives in Dallas, Texas. She writes the Elliott Lisbon Mystery Series, the first of which (Board Stiff) was an Agatha Award nominee for Best First Novel. She belongs to both Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime, and currently serves as President of SinC North Dallas. She’s the co-founder and Managing Editor of Henery Press, a mid-sized press with a primary focus on mysteries from cozies and crime capers to paranormals and PIs.

Henery Press is a traditional mid-sized press publishing mostly mysteries with a splash of chick lit. Books in the Hen House focus on the cozier side of life: cozies with a hook, cozies with an edge, cozies with humor, cozies with adventure (and the chick lit? Cozies sans murder). They’re fortunate to have had several books hit the USA TODAY bestseller list, and multiple books win industry awards and garner nominations (Agatha, Anthony, Macavity, Daphne, Golden Heart). For more about Henery Press and the authors, please visit www.henerypress.com.

The Dallas MWASW group meets the first Saturday of each month at Olive Garden, 4240 Belt Line, Addison, TX, 75001. Meeting time is 10:00 AM – Noon, followed by lunch.

There is a $10 fee (cash only – please bring fives or ones) for the program and drinks-only attendees. The fee is reduced to $5.00 (cash only) for those staying for lunch. All who attend are encouraged to remain and break bread(sticks) with your fellow writers.

Contact info: james@gaskin.com


James E. Gaskin
Writer / Consultant / Speaker
Member Internet Press Guild

Posted by: James Gaskin

All Due Respect Artist Call On FB

Have no idea  about compensation, but they just posted the below message on Facebook:

"Attention artist types: We want to buy your work. We're looking for images that we could use for our covers. So anything that has noir/crime/hardboiled elements--we're interested."

Home page for All Due Respect

Review: "But Not Forgotten: A Novel" by BJ Bourg

Two years after a night out with his family became a tragedy that still haunts him, Clint Wolf has moved to the small Louisiana of Mechant Loup. He is the new Chief of Police and is lucky to survive his first day on the job and a close encounter with an alligator.

Someone else was not so lucky as soon an alligator is found with an arm in its mouth. The search for the owner of the arm eventually results in the recovery of a body that has been shot in the head. A murder in their midst is just the surface of the swamp in the latest mystery from Louisiana author B. J. Bourg titled But Not Forgotten.

Rich in setting and characters this mystery read powers along from start to finish. Author B. J. Bourg stirs in elements of a romance, mixed martial arts, and plenty of local politics and law enforcement details to make But Not Forgotten a must read. Like his novel James 516 released last year, the world of law enforcement plays a strong role in the read while making those involved very much human and not the sterile, non-feeling types often portrayed in the media.

But Not Forgotten touches familiar themes of the author’s work such as honesty, doing the job correctly under difficult conditions, and integrity while also providing a deep backstory and plenty of current mystery. Multiple things are at work in the read and steadily builds to a very strong climax in a mystery that hopefully is the start of a series. 

But Not Forgotten: A Novel
BJ Bourg
Amber Quill Press
December 2015
ISBN 1681759713
Print (E-Book available)
256 Pages

E-book supplied by the author in exchange for my objective review.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2016

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Mystery Fanfare: Agatha Award Nominees

Mystery Fanfare: Agatha Award Nominees: Malice Domestic announced the 2015 Agatha Award Nominees. Congratulations to all! Best Contemporary Novel Annette Dashofy, Burned Brid...


IVIG was done and we are home. Hopefully, this will help.

Travel in the Sixteenth Century (Suzanne Adair's Blog)

Travel in the Sixteenth Century (Suzanne Adair's Blog)

SleuthSayers: Five Red Herrings, Numero 7.

SleuthSayers: Five Red Herrings, Numero 7.: by Robert Lopresti 1.  Thuglit .   You like mysteries?  You like short stories?  So, have you read Thuglit yet?  It is a good magazine, ...