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Scott's Take: Jean Grey: Flames of Fear by Louise Simonson

Jean Grey: Flames of Fear by Louise Simonson, illustrated by Bernard Chang, is another Fall of X title dealing with Jean Grey who died at the Hellfire Gala, but is not gone completely. She is in between being alive and dead. In the first three issues, Jean Grey explores her past and sees what would have happened if she chose a different thing. In the fourth Jean reflects and decides what to do from here.


The art and the stories are excellent. But. one must be somewhat familiar with her history as a character to appreciate the stories. One example, is in the first issue that deals with the question -- what if Jean when she was a teen and the rest of the original X-Men that had been sent to the future did not have their memories of the future wiped from them and instead chose to keep those memories to change their present.


This was a good book even if the final issue connects to an Immortal X-Men Volume I have not read yet since it was not out as I was reading this. This is a good Jean series, but one would get the most out of it if they are familiar with the comic book character’s history.


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