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Scott's Take: X-Men: Hellfire Gala: Fall of X by Gerry Duggan

X-Men: Hellfire Gala: Fall of X by Gerry Duggan collects the issues that compose the third Hellfire Gala book. This book kicks off the Fall of X books. The Fall of X is the banner name for a series of titles for the X-Men.  Since this is the beginning, there are a lot of plot points setup that are not finished here. In this story, the X-Men are hosting their third annual party trying to build relations between humans and mutants. Of course, things go horribly wrong for the X-Men.


There is plenty of gore, violence, and death as the party is ruined. Some big-name characters are killed along with several lower-level names. The big names of course will return quicker since they already have books set after the events depicted here. The art for the most part is spectacular in the main Hellfire Gala issue, the free comic book day issue, and the Iron Man issue.


However, the art is just adequate in the X-Men unlimited issues which are set before the gala. Marvel has a series of comics that are exclusive to their app Unlimited. In this case, the X-Men Unlimited issues are short stories that expand on minor plot points using lower tier art and lower tier, name recognition wise, writers. They don’t get the budget the main titles get.


Additionally, the prequels are presented in this collection after the main issue.  By doing it that way, the momentum of the collection is derailed. It also kills the idea of giving some character development to certain characters who are later killed.


Jean Grey is the highlight in this read, in my opinion, as she has some impressive moments. However, there are plenty of cool scenes for other characters such as Wolverine, Talon, Emma Frost, and Iron Man. The Kingpin (who has now joined the X-Men) also has a cool moment himself. Professor X is put through the ringer in this Gala. The villains are impressive and well prepared. They remain formidable foes as the X-Men are forced to go on the run.


Overall, I enjoyed this volume despite some hiccups in how Marvel chose to handle this story.


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