Saturday, June 30, 2007

Things To Support

Got this earlier today and I thought I would post about this worthy endeavor here.....

Contact: Lea Schizas E-Mail:

The Muse Reading and Writing Appreciation Week is coming to a school near you in October.

The Muse Reading and Writing Appreciation Week is a new initiative intended to reach school-aged children and parents across the world. Our goal is to introduce parents and children to local writers and authors who are passionate about creative writing and reading.

Delve into the imagination and bring a child with you!

Scheduled for the week of October 15-19, Reading and Writing Appreciation Week will reach around the globe. Authors, writers, and volunteers will visit schools and offer free handouts and informationto anyone who would like to be involved in helping children and parents understand the value of reading and writing.

If you are interested in having a volunteer come to your classroom to read or to speak about writing during the week of Oct 15-19 please contact/email Lea Schizas at .

Teachers, parents, and writers can remain updated throughout the yearwith tips, ideas, and readers' thoughts and suggestions on how we, as a community, can ban together to help children understand the benefits of reading and writing via the Musing Our Children website:

Share the love of reading with a child or student and watch theirworld blossom! Anyone interested in volunteering to read to children or talk to them about writing during the week of October 15, can contact/email Lea Schizas at or check out for more details.


Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

I want to thank you, Kevin, on behalf of all the writers who have joined me in getting the word out about this project.

Although Reading and Writing Appreciation Week is a one-week event, our project will be an ongoing site providing parents, teachers, and children tips, articles, resource links and more to help educate our children on the importance of reading and writing.

So once again, thank you for your support.

Lea Schizas

Cheryl said...

Thanks for your support Kevin. All of us involved in this project are very excited about it. And like Lea said, while Reading and Writing Appreciation Week only lasts for one week, we will be around to help parents and educators all year round.

Thanks again for your support!

Cheryl C. Malandrinos