Thursday, July 12, 2007


While I have seen reports over the last month of several different markets folding, I have also seen reports that some are starting up. One of those coming to life is THE BACK ALLEY which is billing itself as a new short story site for hardboiled, PI, and noir mysteries.

The opening issue which is set to appear tomorrow has names that should be familiar to you if you read mysteries or lurk on any of several lists. In addition to works from G. Miki Hayden, Stephen D. Rogers, and Jack Bludis there is going to be a tale from Carroll Jon Daly and other things. Run by Richard Helms, the venture can be found starting tomorrow at

Sounds interesting and I am looking forward to reading it. Now, if I can find to do that as well as all the other online reading I want and need to do.....

Kevin R. Tipple (c) 2007

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