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As many of you know, I have the pleasure of writing a book review column for the SENIOR NEWS newspaper distributed across Texas. For those of you who were unable to find a copy or live out of Texas, I thought I would show you want I did last month.

Touched By Darkness
By Catherine Spangler
Berkley Sensation
ISBN # 978-0-425-21400

Atlantis existed thousands of years ago before being destroyed and sinking into the North Atlantic due to a climatic battle between good and evil. The legacy of Atlantis lives on today envisioned by Richardson, Texas Author Catherine Spangler as the backdrop for her new paranormal romance series.

Simplifying greatly, seven years ago, Kara's Sentinel lover Richard Wayman was killed in a violent confrontation with a Belian. His death left her alone to care for their unborn child, Alex. Haunted by the terror of what happened she moved constantly until she finally stopped running at the small Texas town of Zorro where she resumed her medical practice.

But now, the past is back in the form of a powerful Sentinel, Damien Morgan who is trying to track another Belian killer. Not only will he need Kara's help, he will have to protect her young son as well because as an untrained Sentinel he is broadcasting his presence and is surely going to draw the evil to him. Kara is torn between her desire to run again, the memories of a man she once loved more than anything else, the romantic lure Damien represents, and the danger her young son faces. Gradually, she realizes that this time she has to stand and fight with Damien.

With interesting characters, the occasional plot twist, and plenty of romance this is a very good novel that delivers a strong read within the genre.

East Texas Garden Of Verses
By Carolyn Cochran, Inc.
ISBN # 1-932196-88-9

Through entertaining poetry, short slice of life memory stories, family pictures and illustrations by Joe Tomlinson, Author Carolyn Cochran recounts part of her life growing up in East Texas. From the years 1934 to1946 she lived in Tyler, Texas and those memories and experiences are the foundation of the book. This inspiring book of memories came about due to her creative writing efforts at Richland College in Dallas, Texas. The short book at 50 pages takes readers back to the way it was for Carolyn Cochran. Sure to please not only folks who remember the way things were in Texas small towns, it is also sure to please those looking to read about a seemingly simpler time and way of life.


In the November 2007 edition available now, I went with politics since the topic is on the minds of so many. This month I reviewed "Barbara Jordan: Speaking the Truth with Eloquent Thunder" which was edited edited by Max Sherman and "Texas Political Memorabilia: Buttons, Bumper Stickers and Broadsides" written by Chuck Bailey with Bill Crawford. Hope you find a copy at your local newsstand, grocery store, doctor's waiting room, etc. But, if not, I will post the column next month so you don't miss out totally.

And if you have a suggestion for what I should review for SENIOR NEWS (remember it has to be a Texas based book in setting or author or something that could fit the over fifty demographic) please drop me a note here or at

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