Friday, November 09, 2007

Small Caliber Review--"Red Cat"

"Red Cat" is the third novel of the John March series and he finds himself with an unlikely client. This time it is his brother David who comes to him out of sheer desperation. David has been involved in what he thought was a no strings affair but things have turned out not the way he wanted at all. The woman he knows as Wren seems to know everything about him and seems to be stalking him. He wants John to do what he does best—start turning over rocks and find where she crawled out from. John agrees and once again Author Peter Spiegelman crafts another tale that is part crime and part study of the human mind. Another good read that works best if you have read the series in order. Begin with "Black Maps" and follow with the second book known as "Death's Little Helpers." You won't be sorry.

This "Small Caliber Review" previously appeared at in the summer 2007 edition of Mouth Full Of Bullets found at For your ease of ordering I have added the Amazon links for the other two titles which I heartily recommend.

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