Saturday, November 01, 2008

Carpathian Shadows, Volume 2 Is Now Out!

As Publisher Rob Preece of BOOKSFORABUCK noted in the comments here yesterday, the anthology Carpathian Shadows, Volume 2 is now out. The book features stories from Donna Amato, Christina Barber, Carol A. Cole, Seanna Graham, Kristin Johnson, and myself. Like Volume 1 also available from this publisher, all the stories work from the same basic idea.

Deep in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, in Transylvania, lies a castle. This castle was once home to a nobleman who, it is claimed, warred with the church, bound his servants with a curse of silence, and ruled his lands with a grip of iron. Fortunately for modern-day visitors, Lord John Erdely has been dead for centuries and his castle now a haven for tourists. Or so, at least, is the claim.

Each visitor to a local hotel receives a fancy invitation--they're invited on a free tour and paranormal investigation. When a freak storm hits, forcing the visitors to overnight in Lord Erdely's castle, the tourists learn that Erdely's power is not limited merely to ancient fairy tales.

How each author twists the idea is where the various tales come in. I hope you take a look at
and order your copy today. The intro price is $1.00 and will increase to the still very affordable regular price of $3.99 on November 30th.

The book will also soon be available in print as well.

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