Sunday, April 18, 2010

Author Radine Trees Nehring is back with "A Journey to Die For"

This novel marks the sixth installment of the “Something to Die For” mystery series as well a new publisher. Carrie and Henry King are an active retired couple who recently got married and occasionally help out small town police with peculiar cases. They have decided to celebrate their eight months of wedded bliss by taking a day trip to enjoy the historic excursion train from Springdale to Van Buren, Arkansas. They will spend the layover in Van Buren eating and shopping before they take the train ride back to Springdale.

They aren’t the only interesting people on the train. Among others are a reporter/anchor and cameraman for a travel program on public television in Arkansas. The fact that the media is onboard the train filming and interviewing the passengers seems to make the two gentlemen directly in front of Carrie and Henry nervous. Their occasionally suspicious behavior engages the attention of Carrie and Henry from time to time while the train travels to Van Buren.

It is only later, while looking at the sights in Van Buren, Carrie discovers the body of one of the two men from the train floating in the river. It wasn’t a simple accidental drowning as most people aren’t stabbed several times before falling into the Arkansas River. Using Henry’s background in law enforcement and Carrie’s natural curiosity, they manage to insert themselves into a murder case and a hunt for treasure from the Confederacy.

This well written cozy novel was the winner of the “2009 Oklahoma Writers’ Federation Unpublished Mystery Novel Competition” and is also a good read. Not only are Carrie and Henry interesting characters that quickly come to life for readers, there is plenty of interesting back story, action and romance and a recipe or three. Throw in crime, deceit, plenty of local history, and a nasty turn of events from time to time along with a hunt for treasure from the Confederacy, and one has a mighty good read. Such is the case here with this novel scheduled to be released next month from Wolfmont Press.

“A Journey to Die For: Something to Die For Mystery Series”
Radine Trees Nehring
Wolfmont Press
ISBN# 978-1-60364-020-6
May 15, 2010

Material supplied by Tony Burton, owner of Wolfmont Press and subsidiaries, in exchange for my objective review.

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