Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Sandi Update---Chemo Round Two

Today is a planned round two of chemo for Sandi. Assuming the car starts and we can get there, they will first pull her blood and run that to see what her numbers are today. While the blood techs run that, a saline drip will be started so that she is ready if it is going to happen.

About an hour after they pull her blood, we should know if they can start the anti nausea meds and the first part of the chemo. Then the wait will begin to see if she can tolerate the chemo better this time than the last. Supposedly most patients do better with the second and following chemo infusions if they had a bad time with the first. Sandi has a very bad time with the first round so we shall see.

Hopefully the fact that she felt really bad yesterday won't have any effect on things today. Even if it goes well it will be a very long day. I will update tonight.....


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