Saturday, November 10, 2012

Interesting Reading Elsewhere--- Sharon Wildwind at "Meanderings and Musings"

This evening Kaye has written eloquently about her latest guest--author Sharon Wildwind. Sharon writes the fabulous the Elizabeth Pepperhawk/Avivah Rosen Vietnam veteran series. The fifth book is about to come out titled Loved Honor More. This is a fantastic series and one that I am a couple of books behind on.

It is also a series that is ending with this final book. This is sad in so many ways as I agree with Kaye's assessment this series never got the attention it richly deserved. Sharon Wildwind talks about the series and what it means to her at 

Well worth your time to read even if there was not a chance to win a copy of the new book. 



Jenny Milchman said...

Thanks for the alert, Kevin, and as always, for the reviews!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Thank you, Jenny. If it wasn't for the support from you and others, I would have shut this down some time ago.