Saturday, November 17, 2012

Children's Book Review: "Bubble Gum Princess" by Scott Gordon

This charming children’s book tells the tale of a young girl who someday will be all grown up with her own family.  In the meantime, the young girl is the narrator’s everything and every moment is precious. Who knows how long it will be before her Prince Charming arrives to take her to his castle in the sky. Despite the changes as you grow older:

“You’ll always be my little princess;
The little girl who chewed bubble gum
and got it in her hair.”

Like other books from this author, approximately half the book consists of ads for other products.  The storyline is simple and straightforward fitting the targeted age group and the images are a nice touch. The princess images completely fit the storyline and age group and showcase a little variety.

This fun children’s book has received some criticism regarding cleavage in the illustrations. One wonders what the fuss is about because the comments do not really reflect the book in any way, shape, or form. This is a fun book filled with no deeper meaning or images than love.

Bubble Gum Princess
Scott Gordon
Kindle E-Book
April 2012
(Estimated print length 31 pages)

Material picked up during the author’s recent free book promotion for my objective review. Bubble Gum Princess was read via the free “Kindle for PC” program.

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