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RTE Update--November 14 Issue of RTE

The November, 2015  issue of RTE is out and includes fifteen new reviews as well as a new interview:


Alexander McCall Smith in the 'Sixty seconds with . . .' interview hot seat:

Reviews this week:

DARK CORNERS    Ruth Rendell    Reviewed by Yvonne Klein               
A young aspiring novelist is driven to acts of desperation by his blackmailing tenant in Ruth Rendell's final novel.

EVEN DOGS IN THE WILD    Ian Rankin    Reviewed by Jim Napier           
Rebus is called out of retirement once more to help Siobhan and Fox solve a couple of puzzling murders and an attempt on the life of his old nemesis, Big Ger Cafferty

Social misfit Lisbeth Salander and crusading journalist Mikael Blomkvist team up again to try save a genius of artificial intelligence and his autistic son.           

THOSE GIRLS    Chevy Stevens    Reviewed by Sharon Mensing               
Three sisters escape their abusive father only to fall into greater depths of abuse.

KATHERINE CARLYLE    Rupert Thomson    Reviewed by Yvonne Klein       
Abandoning her place at Oxford, nineteen-year-old Katherine Carlyle embarks on a random journey across Europe, seeking either reconcile with or punish her father,  that takes her to Germany, then to Russia, to wind up finally in Norway, in the world's most northern town.

CRUCIFIXION CREEK    Barry Maitland        Reviewed by Barbara Fister       
In a Sydney, Australia, neighborhood dominated by a fortified biker compound, strange things are happening, and detective Harry Belltree's brother-in-law seems to be mixed up in it.

DARKNESS THE COLOR OF SNOW    Thomas Cobb    Reviewed by Christine Zibas       
A young man is killed by a hit-and-run driver while being taken into custody by a new police officer, who was also his estranged friend. Was it an accident or murder?   

THE ADVENTURESS    Tasha Alexander    Reviewed by Cathy Downs       
An American husband and wife bring their daughter overseas to catch a duke, but a strange series of misadventures keeps interrupting the engagement party.

IN BITTER CHILL    Sarah Ward        Reviewed by Barbara Fister           
When a woman commits suicide, it reopens a cold case: the kidnap and disappearance of her daughter, of interest both to the police and to a genealogist who, as a girl, escaped the kidnappers.

ONE MAN'S FLAG    David Downing    Reviewed by Anne Corey       
 Jack McColl, a WWI British spy, is sent on dangerous missions behind enemy lines, while Caitlin Hanley, an Irish-American journalist he loves but has betrayed, becomes involved with the Irish Rebellion and various women's rights issues.

THE SPY HOUSE     Matthew Dunn    Reviewed by Christine Zibas           
When the Israeli Ambassador to France is taken out by a sniper on the streets of Paris, the Israelis conclude it's the work of Hamas, something they're willing to go to war over. However, it's not clear
whether Hamas is behind the assassination or not.

GHOST SHIFT    John Gapper    Reviewed by Anne Corey                   
Song Mei, a Chinese student being trained by the Commission for Discipline, must investigate the murder of a young woman who may or may not be her twin sister and in doing so uncovers an international spying scheme.

THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES 2015  James Patterson and Otto Penzler, eds
        Reviewed by Lourdes Venard

LOUISE BROOKS: DETECTIVE    Rick Geary    Reviewed by Ben Neal           
Former film star Louise Brooks moves back to Kansas and uncovers a murder

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