Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Movie Review: "Inside Out"

Both Sandi and Scott really wanted to see this movie so they were thrilled when it appeared on hold for us at the library earlier this week. We spent part of Friday afternoon watching this flick.

Netflix Synopsis-- When her family relocates across the country, tween Riley Anderson struggles with the stress of her new situation and her animated emotions get carried away -- quite literally -- on a fantastic journey through her mind.

The general consensus of the viewership here is that the movie was just okay. The overall tone  was kind of sad though there are a few funny moments. One scene in particular when we slide into the minds of both parents as well as a closing credit deal where we slide into the mind of various people including a teacher were funny. But, overall the tone is kind of sad in several different ways.

If one were going with a star rating thing where one star is bad and five stars is great, this one would be a three star flick.

The movie came with a short feature titled "Lava" which we three did NOT like at all.

For another take on the movie make sure you read Glenn Walker's review at his "Welcome To Hell" blog.  His review also illustrates the fact that the DVD is a bit different than what was shown in theaters. For example, the library DVD did not have any introduction by the director,  Pete Docter. Whether this is something included on the bought version as opposed to the library or rental version I do not know.

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