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April 17th Issue of RTE

The April 16 2016  issue of RTE is out and includes fifteen new reviews as well as a new interview:

David Unger  in the 'Sixty seconds with . . .' interview hot seat:

Reviews this week:

THE OTHER SIDE OF SILENCE    Philip Kerr    Reviewed by Yvonne Klein   
In 1956, Bernie Gunther is lying low in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferat, working as a concierge in a good hotel. His peaceful existence is shattered when Somerset Maugham asks him to act in his behalf as the writer is being blackmailed.

NIGHT LIFE    David C. Taylor    Reviewed by Jim Napier   
In 1954 a hard-nosed NYC detective finds himself battling Anti-Communist paranoia when he tries to solve a series of Manhattan murders tied to people at the center of American power.

COLD MORNING    Ed Ifkovic    Reviewed by Susan Hoover       
Edna's doubts about the guilt of the accused during the Lindbergh Baby trial compels her search into this famous crime.

BREAKING WILD    Diane Les Becquets    Reviewed by Sharon Mensing       
One woman goes missing during a mid-winter hunting trip in the Coloradan wilderness and another woman won't give up the search.

CAMBODIA NOIR    Nick Seely        Reviewed by Karen Chisholm
A mysterious American woman disappears into the Cambodian underworld, and a photojournalist tracks her through the clues left in her diary.   

THE CONSIDERATE KILLER  Lene Kaaberbøl & Agnete Friis    Reviewed by Yvonne Klein
On her way home from the grocery store, Nina Borg is hit over the head by someone who apologizes for the deed and then abducts her. It will be some time before she will come to understand how she is connected to her assailant.

STOCKHOLM NOIR   Nathan Larson & Carl-Michael Edenborg, eds Reviewed by Nicole Leclerc Thirteen noir short stories set in Stockholm and surrounds.

KING MAYBE    Timothy Hallinan    Reviewed by Ben Neal       
Junior Bender has to complete a near impossible burglary to save himself from a hired hit.

DISTURBING THE DARK    Wendy Hornsby     Reviewed by Phyllis Onstad   
Investigative filmmaker Maggie MacGowen finds herself enmeshed in tangled family dramas, grisly discoveries dating from World War II, and murder at her family farming estate in Normandy.

THE TAXIDERMIST'S DAUGHTER  Kate Mosse    Reviewed by Lourdes Venard   
When Connie Gifford finds a body outside her home in rural England, long-repressed memories from her childhood begin to flood back, including those of a mysterious death.

THE BURSAR'S WIFE    E.G. Rodford     Reviewed by Cathy Downs   
PI George Kocharyan is hired to find out what the privileged daughter of the Bursar at Morley College, Cambridge, is doing with her spare time when the nearly nude body of a woman who has been strangled to death turns up.

A BRILLIANT DEATH    Robin Yocum    Reviewed by Christine Zibas   
Two friends begin investigating the death of one of the boys' mother. Are rumors true that she drowned along with her lover in the Ohio River, or is there more to the story?

THE MADWOMAN UPSTAIRS   Catherine Lowell    Reviewed by Meredith Frazier
Samantha Whipple, a young American and the last living descendant of the Brontës, is in Oxford to study
 English literature and unravel the mystery of her father's legacy
AUNTY LEE'S CHILLED REVENGE   Ovidia Yu Reviewed by Caryn St Clair   
Aunty Lee's business partnert Cherril, formerly an animal rescuer, was caught up in an animal rescue gone bad three years earlier. Now the accused has returned to Singapore to sue Cherril and her fellow rescuers for breaking up her marriage

WHEN FALCONS FALL    C. S. Harris    Reviewed by Diana Borse   
Sebastian St. Cyr, his wife Hero, and their infant son come to Ayleswick-on-Teme, England to bring a gift to the grandmother of a deceased friend of his, but he is immediately swept up into helping to solve the mystery of a dead visitor to the village found lying in a field.

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