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Crime Review Update

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time
it’s author Frances Fyfield in the Countdown hot seat.
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This week’s reviews are:
CRISIS by Frank Gardner, reviewed by John Cleal
Sent to Colombia to investigate the murder of a British intelligence
officer, Spanish-speaking former SBS man Luke Carlton is caught in a
revenge plot with international dimensions – and London as its target.

NOMAD by James Swallow, reviewed by Linda Wilson
When a devastating attack takes out an M16 clandestine ops team, suspicion
falls on Marc Dane, the sole survivor.

I SEE YOU by Clare Mackintosh, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Zoe Walker is on the tube home, glancing through a newspaper, when she sees
her own face staring out at her from the classified ads. She must find out
whether it’s a joke or whether she’s in danger.

WHERE ROSES NEVER DIE by Gunnar Staalesen, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
A violent robbery at an exclusive jewellery shop goes completely wrong.
Bergen’s private investigator Varg Veum is asked to look through details of
an old case of a missing child. Will he find a connection between these two
crimes which happened nearly 25 years apart?

THE LAST GOOD KISS by James Crumley, reviewed by John Cleal
Montana private eye CW Sughrue is hired to track down a failing alcoholic
author, but winds up searching for a girl missing for ten years whose trail
leads him into a world of sex and crime.

CLINCH by Martin Holmen, reviewed by Chris Roberts
In 1930s Stockholm, ex-boxer Harry Kvist makes a routine call to collect a
debt, and when the man is found dead a few hours later the police have
Harry in the frame. Harry sets out to find the real murderer, and clear

LONG TIME LOST by Chris Ewan, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Kate Sutherland needs to stay out of the clutches of the people who don’t
want her to testify in a murder trial and to do that she needs Nick
Miller’s help.

THE MULBERRY BUSH by Charles McCarry, reviewed by Arnold Taylor.
A young American meets an Argentinean woman in Buenos Aires and falls in
love with her. However, he conceals the fact that he has one aim in life –
to avenge his father, whose life had been ruined by the CIA.
SILENCE by Anthony J Quinn, reviewed by John Cleal
Inspector Celcius Daly investigates the car crash death of a priest and is
dragged back into deadly history of the Troubles – and the death of his

THE PEOPLE v OJ SIMPSON by Jeffrey Toobin, reviewed by Chris Roberts
A detailed analysis of the infamous trial of a much-feted sports star for
the murder of his ex-wife and a friend, a signal event in recent US history.

THE RAT STONE SERENADE by Denzil Meyrick, reviewed by John Cleal
The board of one of the world’s biggest private companies is the target of
an ancient cult bent on revenge. DCI Jim Daley and DS Brian Scott must find
the killers.

SANDMAN by David Hodges, reviewed by Linda Wilson
DS Kate Lewis is called in to investigate the death of a journalist on the
flooded Somerset levels.

ANOTHER ONE GOES TONIGHT by Peter Lovesey, reviewed by Jim Beaman
DS Peter Diamond arrives at the scene of a police car accident to discover
an extra unconscious victim nearby and administers CPR. While the injured
man lingers on life support Diamond’s enquiries lead him to believe he may
have saved the life of a serial killer.

CHANGING THE ODDS by Jeff Dowson, reviewed by Linda Wilson
When Bristol private investigator Jack Shepherd is asked to look into the
disappearance of an old friend, he soon ends up in hot water.

SHADOWED by Karen Olson, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Susan McQueen lives a quiet life as an artist on a remote Canadian island.
But she is not all she seems – she is really a computer hacker. And someone
from her past knows where she is.

CITY OF THE LOST by Kelley Armstrong, reviewed by John Barnbrook
Detective Casey Duncan has a dark secret and when her abused best friend
also finds herself in serious risk the two of them decide to disappear to a
town where people go to vanish. The trouble is that the past does not leave
you alone.

THE EXILED by Christopher Charles, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Detective Wes Raney investigates a multiple murder in New Mexico, his home
since his work as an undercover agent in New York messed up his life.

MURDER, DC by Neely Tucker, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When the young son of an important family is found dead, crime reporter
Sully Carter thinks the location is key to a number of murders.

DEAR DAUGHTER by Elizabeth Little, reviewed by John Cleal
A technical miscarriage of justice frees wild child Janie Jenkins from
prison where she is serving life for killing her socialite mother and she
sets out to discover the real murderer.

ONE OF US (audiobook) by Jeannie Waudby, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Sixteen-year-old K Child is caught up in a devastating bomb attack that
radically changes the course of her life.

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