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New Issue of Crime Review

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time it’s author Paul Finch in the Countdown hot seat. 
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This week’s reviews are:
OUT OF BOUNDS by Val McDermid, reviewed by Linda Wilson
A DNA test done on a teenage car thief throws up an unexpected connection
to a case of rape and murder 22 years ago.

STRANGERS by Paul Finch, reviewed by John Barnbrook
A woman, is murdering men in public pick-up spots. PC Lucy Clayburn forms
part of the undercover team seeking to find the killer. As a result she
unpacks much more about her life than she expected.

DIE OF SHAME by Mark Billingham, reviewed by Linda Wilson
When a member of a therapy group is murdered, DI Nicola Tanner finds the
resulting wall of silence hard to penetrate.

THE ONE MAN by Andrew Gross, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
A 92-year-old man in a Chicago care home is visited by his daughter.
Although known to have been a Holocaust survivor, he has never revealed any
details of his past. She persuades him to tell his story, one that begins
with two men running for their lives.

THE VANISHED by Lotte and Soren Hammer, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
When Detective Konrad Simonsen returns to work after a heart attack, he’s
called as an observer to a violent school shooting, and assigned to deal
with a minor case of a dead postman. He soon finds a tenuous link between
these two and decides to follow it.

DEATH SHIP by Jim Kelly, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
DI Shaw and DS Valentine find themselves with 60-year-old case on their
hands following an explosion on Hunstanton beach.

THE SINGER FROM MEMPHIS by Gary Corby, reviewed by John Cleal
Athenian investigator Nicolaos and priestess wife, Diotima, are hired by
would-be historian Herodotus to guard him on a research trip to war-torn

THE EARTHLY GODS by Nick Park, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Imperial agent Cassius Corbulo has to help track down three kidnapped girls
as well as continuing the search for his missing bodyguard.

BREAKING DEAD by Corrie Jackson, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Journalist Sophie Kent finds herself entangled in the dark side of the
fashion industry after a Russian model she’d just interviewed is found dead.

DARKTOWN by Thomas Mullen, reviewed by John Cleal
When a young black girl, last seen in the car of a white man, is found
dead, new black Atlanta policemen Lucius Boggs and Tommy Smith go against
the rules to investigate.
THE INVISIBLE GUARDIAN by Dolores Redondo, reviewed by John Barnbrook
The discovery of a teenage girl strangled and displayed in a Basque forest
awakens fears in the local village that a spirit of the forest is at work.
Local-born Inspector Amaia Salazar is put in charge of the case, but has
her own demons to fight.

THE CASE OF LISANDRA by Helene Gremillon, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
When a beautiful young woman is found dead at the foot of an apartment
block in Buenos Aires, the police are convinced that they are dealing with
a case of murder.

EASY MOTION TOURIST by Leve Adenle, reviewed by John Cleal
Guy Collins, a British journalist visiting Lagos, stumbles into a brutal
killing. A mutilated female body is discovered and Collins is picked up as
a suspect.

THE BURSAR’S WIFE by EG Rodford, reviewed by Chris Roberts
The wife of the bursar of Morley College seeks the assistance of George
Kocharyan, Cambridge Confidential Services, to check on her daughter. What
he finds turns out to be revealing about his own family.

CAPTCHA THIEF by Rosie Claverton, reviewed by Linda Wilson
When a famous painting is stolen from the National Museum of Wales, police
turn to ex-con Jason Carr and his hacker boss Amy Lane for help.

A COP’S EYES by Gabu Yakumaru, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Nobuhito Natsume is a detective working in a Tokyo suburb, whose personal
brush with crime lies behind both his late entry to his profession, and the
special qualities he brings to his work.

ZAMBEZI by Tony Park, reviewed by John Cleal
Special Forces Master Sergeant Jed Banks flies to Africa to find the truth
about his conservation researcher daughter, supposedly killed by a
man-eating lion, and finds himself in the frontline of the war against

A BODY IN BARCELONA by Jason Webster, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Detective Max Camera is assigned to the murder of a boy, son of a
supermarket magnate. He receives information from a source high up in a
government intelligence agency, but is he being manipulated?

SO NUDE, SO DEAD by Ed McBain, reviewed by John Cleal
Former pianist and heroin addict Ray Stone wakes up in a cheap motel with a
dead girl in his bed. The only way he can stop the police charging him with
her murder is to find the real killer.

AS BLACK AS EBONY by Salla Simukka, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Finnish teenager Lumikki Andersson is being stalked and doesn’t know to
whom she can turn. She’s unable to decide between new boyfriend Sampsa, or
Blaze, who broke her heart and has now reappeared in her life.

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