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Crime Review Update

We feature new 20 reviews in each issue of Crime Review (, together with a top industry interview. This time
it’s author Graham Masterton in the Countdown hot seat:

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This week’s reviews are:

CELL 7 by Kerry Drewery, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Sixteen-year-old Martha Honeydew is on death row for killing a much loved
celebrity. The people get to be the ones to decide whether she lives or

ASH AND BONES by Mike Thomas, reviewed by John Cleal

A plain clothes officer is shot dead in a raid and the original suspect
left in a coma. CID trainee Will MacReady is desperate to help, but ignored
by his colleagues, follows his own leads that lead the detectives down a
dark path.

BLAME by Simon Mayo, reviewed by Linda Wilson

Sixteen-year-old Ant and her younger brother Mattie have been sent to
prison for crimes they didn’t commit, but under a new law, they can be held
responsible for the sins of their parents and even their grandparents.

THE DEAD DON’T BOOGIE by Douglas Skelton, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Glasgow investigator Dominic Queste is hired to find Jenny Deavers.  Jenny
doesn’t want to be found by Dominic or by others looking for her.

PARIS SPRING by James Naughtie, reviewed by Arnold Taylor

Will Flemyng of the British Secret Service is on his way to the embassy in
Paris when a young unknown man speaks to him quite out of the blue and sets
in motion a series of events that threaten to lead to his ruin and exposure.

THE TEARS OF ANGELS by Caro Ramsay, reviewed by Linda Wilson

A gruesome murder forces DCI Anderson and DI Costello to reopen an old case
into the violent death of two boys.

COLD by John Sweeney, reviewed by John Cleal

Former IRA bombmaker Joe Tiplady, on the run from his former colleagues,
becomes a target in a worldwide chain of events he does not understand.

HIDE AND SEEK BY MJ Arlidge, reviewed by Kati Barr-Taylor

DI Helen Grace, disgraced, despised, and a Holloway inmate, could not be in
a worse place to find a ruthless serial killer.
 IN THE NAME OF LOVE by Patrick Smith, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

Young and beautiful but rude and dysfunctional Lena Sundman was brutally
murdered on one of the Swedish islands. A family of Iraqi refugees falls
under suspicion.

CHARCOAL JOE by Walter Mosley, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Easy Rawlins receives a request to help a young man accused of murder, a
request he finds it hard to refuse. However, he soon finds that he’s been
given only half the story, and the job could be a lot more dangerous than
it first appeared.

THUNDER OF THE GODS by Anthony Riches, reviewed by John Cleal

Marcus Aquila and his Tungrian cohort are sent east on a desperate mission
to save a key fortress and halt a war which could destroy the Empire.

MODERSY BLAISE: THE MURDER FRAME by Peter O’Donnell (illustrated by Enric
Badia Romero), reviewed by Linda Wilson

Four stories featuring Modesty Blaise, one of the greatest kickass heroines
of all time, and her ever-reliable companion, Willie Garvin.

GHOSTS OF THE DESERT by Ryan Ireland, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Anthropologist Norman is in the Utah desert studying ghost towns when he is
made prisoner by a tribe of outcasts whose moral code horrifies but whose
outlook he finds ultimately compelling.

THE CHEAPSIDE CORPSE by Susanna Gregory, Reviewed by John Cleal

Intelligencer Thomas Chaloner must solve the killing of an unpopular banker
in a Restoration London threatened by war, civil unrest and plague.

DEAD SILENT by Mark Roberts, reviewed by Linda Wilson

DCI Eve Clay has to delve deep into her own past in an attempt to solve a
macabre murder in a Liverpool suburb.

BLIND SIGHT by Carol O’Connell, reviewed by Chris Roberts

Four bodies are dumped on the mayor’s lawn, one of them a nun, whose
brother is also missing. Detective Kathy Mallory ruthlessly follows every
lead to rescue the boy.

DANDY GILVER & A MOST MISLEADING HABIT by Catriona McPherson, reviewed by
Jim Beaman

Dandy Gilver and Alec Osbourne investigate a case of arson at a convent in
which a nun dies.

A SUITABLE LIE by Michael J Malone, reviewed by Ewa Sherman

Andy, a widower and a single dad to a small boy, cannot believe his luck
when he meets Anna, full of life and beauty. Their idyll seems complete
until the wedding night when a visit to the hospital might be a clue that
things could be far from perfect.

DEATH AT THE SEASIDE by Frances Brody, reviewed by John Cleal

War widow turned private investigator Kate Shackleton takes an overdue
holiday to visit an old school friend and her goddaughter and discovers a
body – and a wall of silence.

THE DAMNED by Andrew Pyper, reviewed by John Barnbrook

Danny Orchard is famous because he was still born and then had another
near-death experience and published a successful memoir. Danny also used to
have a twin sister, Ash, but she was not someone you would have wanted to
meet. Now Ash is trying to ruin Danny’s life again.

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