Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Jeanne Reviews: Death Perception by Victoria Laurie

Psychic Abby Cooper and her boyfriend, Dutch, are in a good place now—mainly because Dutch has finally accepted Abby’s psychic gifts.  They’re going to need them when Dutch gets a call that his cousin Chase has disappeared, apparently kidnapped with a client for whom he was acting as a bodyguard.  A lot of blood found at the scene, but even more worrisome is that there has been no ransom demand.  Abby and Dutch hop a plane to Las Vegas to try to find out what happened, with Dutch being more than a little close-mouthed about some aspects of Chase’s disappearance.  While Abby’s powers aren’t going to pinpoint where he is, she is sure that he’s still alive—at least for now.

This is the sixth in the Psychic Eye Mystery series and while I have read one or two previous entries, I don’t feel this is one that you need to read in order.  One of the series’ strengths is in the way it tries to convey what it’s like to have a psychic vision, at least for Abby: much symbolism which can be open to interpretation and how a psychic’s own emotional involvement can make things more difficult.  Since Laurie herself professes to be a psychic, I assume she’s drawing on personal experience.

This entry had more international intrigue than I had expected and while some plot elements had been touched on in other books, I didn’t have any trouble following because the author did a good job of filling in the backstory without dragging things out. The story was well-paced and while I had figured a few things out, there were still some surprises.

While the story is serious, there are some madcap moments when Abby’s sister and friend show up in Vegas to help out.  This section was a lot of fun, despite the stakes being very high.

I’ll be dipping back into this series again, and maybe try one of her other series as well.

Titles in the Psychic Eye Mysteries are:

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Death Perception

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Vision Impossible

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