Saturday, December 31, 2022

Scott's Take: Dark Ages by Tom Taylor

Dark Ages by Tom Taylor is a Marvel Elseworlds series written by him before he signed his massive exclusive deal with DC Comics. In this universe to defeat a threat a spell was used to generate a portal to a dimension that constantly emits a powerful EMP that renders all technology useless.  This is a post-apocalyptic world where ten years have passed and for most, society has been rebuilt, and the world is relatively okay. There is one major threat left.

Apocalypse has taken over Europe and teamed up with Dracula. He also now has the Purple Man under his control and is using him to make several heroes serve him.  Apocalypse dispatches a team to kidnap Tony Stark. Thus, it is up to a small team of heroes to go rescue him. Wolverine (Laura), Blade, Spider-Man, Dr. Doom, Storm, The Invisible Woman, and others who have not fallen under the mind control of Apocalypse. Luckily they have a guide to this new Europe, Deadpool.

Mostly told from Spider-Man’s perspective, his life is drastically different than current canon because he has a daughter in this world. Full of action, humor, and beautiful art, this series is really fun. I wish it was longer and that more time was spent in this world. The world is interesting using lights grown from nature, Daredevil as a security system, a steampunk version of Iron Man, and more.  There are some big names missing in this book like Thor. Included here is what happened during the war after the power went out, but I wish that was covered and detailed in more depth as it was so interesting.

It is also nice that as it is Elseworlds, there is a general tone of optimism. Even though the apocalypse happened, this new world is in some ways building to a better future. Former villains like Dr. Doom are now using their talents to help mankind. I hope we get to see more from this universe but since the writer is now an exclusive at DC comics, we probably won’t see any more from this universe for quite some time.



My reading copy came from the Park Forest Branch of the Dallas Public Library System.


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