Friday, April 03, 2009

Mini Book Review: "Water Garden Idea Book" by Lee Anne White

Part of the "Taunton Home" series of landscape design books this 170 page book is a visual treat as well as a highly informative. Designed for all climates which includes us Texans with our frequent drought conditions, this book surveys the vast array of water features available today. Opening with easy to create basins and fountains, before tackling harder subjects such as "Naturalistic Ponds And Streams" and "Architectural Waterworks" the material showcases just about every option conceivable through large color photographs and easy to read text. Along the way there are tips about controlling algae, dealing with mosquitoes (a serious threat due to West Nile), winterizing your fountain or water feature, among a host of other issues. This colorful and highly useful book includes a list of resources (books, supplies, organizations, etc) and an index.

Water Garden Idea Book
Lee Anne White
The Taunton Press
ISBN # 978-1-56158-877-0

Kevin R. Tipple (c) 2009

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