Friday, April 10, 2009

Mini Review: "Pools And Spas"

With a subtitle of "everything you need to know to design and landscape a pool" this recent release from Sunset Books attempts to be the one guide you will ever need. It does the job very well depicting pools and spas to dream of where money is not an issue. Along with beautiful pictures of pools and spas in fantastic landscaped settings, it provides plenty of practical and detailed advice to help the homeowner in every stage of the process. From planning your pool or spa in term of cost, location, equipment and other factors such as design and use, to construction and maintenance, this 240 page book covers the subject and all its many possibilities.

Pools And Spas
Curtis Rist, Vicky Webster, and the Editors of Sunset Books
Sunset Books
January 2008
ISBN #0-376-01611-6
240 Pages

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