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Senior News--December 2013 Column

For some time now I have been writing a monthly book review column for the Senior News newspaper. The Senior News is aimed to the 50 and over crowd with news relevant to seniors regarding various issues, humor pieces, and my review column among other things. The newspaper is a giveaway at doctor offices, stores, etc. and can be received by mail via a paid subscription. There are multiple editions across the state of Texas and therefore there is some fluctuation in content in each edition.

My column every month focuses on books of interest to the Texas audience. Therefore the books selected for the column, fiction or non-fiction, are written by Texas residents, feature Texans in some way, or would have some other connection to the Texas based readership. At least two books are covered each month in the short space I am given.

Below is/was my December 2013 column with the addition here of the relevant book covers…

The Rules
Mark Troy
ISBN# 978-0-98480813-7    
50 Pages (estimated)

In The Rules Ava Rome is a protection specialist. She keeps her clients alive while doing whatever is necessary to stop the threat. To protect her clients she has to know everything about them up front. The fact that she knows her latest client, “Paul” is lying about his name and possibly other things is not a good sign. The issue with the name could be for good reason. According to the father, a wealthy and powerful businessman most likely from somewhere in South America, the threat against his son is very real and he is willing to pay top dollar for someone of Ava’s skills. To be paid very well, all she has to do is keep him alive and not break any of her rules.

Much easier said than done.

Texas author Mark Troy has a real winner here with the book and his new character Ava Rome. Featuring plenty of action, interesting characters, and a heroine readers will love, The Rules is a powerful mystery as well as a preview of the next summer release The Splintered Paddle from Five Star Publishing.

Update from the author posted elsewhere earlier today--“To send 2013 on it's way, my novella, The Rules, will be free on Kindle starting tomorrow until New Year's Eve.”

Missing Dog Tags: An American GI in North Korea
Kenneth Eaton
Patience Press
ISBN# 978-1-892220-13-4
Paperback (also available as an e-book)
300 Pages

In Missing Dog Tags: An American GI in North Korea author Kenneth Eaton recounts what it was like to be a prisoner of war in North Korea. His story of his capture while serving as a corporal in the 9th Tank Company of the 2nd division, U.S. Army, begins early in 1951 with a Chinese attack on his unit. After his tank was destroyed, he was forced to abandon it. In the confusion of battle he was soon captured while on foot as were other soldiers.

Despite three failed escape attempts, starvation, and various horrors he endured, Kenneth Eaton survived and came home to be reunited with friends and loved ones. In a blow by blow detailed fashion this book recounts the experiences of Kenneth Eason during the Korean War. As such, the book pulls no punches as the story comes out. Those who expect a politically correct read with sanitized language regarding the enemy would be best to look elsewhere.  Corporal Kenneth Eaton bluntly tells it like it was for him in Missing Dog Tags: An American GI in North Korea.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2013
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