Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Only 99 Cents for THE DEPUTY by Victor Gischler AND LOTS MORE

I very much enjoyed THE DEPUTY by Victor Gischler way back in July 2010 when I reviewed it here. For today and I don't know how much longer a digital copy is only 99 cents if you use the code DHS25 at Tyrus Books.

UPDATE--- More info from Ben Leroy as posted on Facebook:

Everything we've ever published by Reed Farrel Coleman is being featured as part of our March Madness sale today. $.99 ebooks when you use discount code "DHS25" The sale also includes Craig McDonald's EL GAVILAN and Victor Gischler's THE DEPUTY.

THIRTEEN books for you. If you wanted all of them, you could make that happen for less than $13. Who loves you? I love you.

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