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Crime Review Update

In our new edition of Crime Review ( this week we
have 16 reviews, together with Sinead Crowley in the Countdown interview
hot seat:
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This week’s reviews are:
THE BONE TREE by Greg Iles, reviewed by John Cleal
Dr Tom Cage is on the run, charged with the killing of the woman who was
once his nurse. In his attempts to find him, his son Penn stirs up dark
secrets from Louisiana’s and America’s violent and racist past.

A DANCER IN THE DUST by Thomas H Cook, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
When a friend is found dead in a New York back street, Ray Campbell feels
obliged to return to the African state of Lubanda and to confront a past he
would prefer to forget.

CHARLIE MARTZ AND OTHER STORIES by Elmore Leonard, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Fifteen previously unpublished early stories from the cult writer
illustrate the development of the skills that became so evident in his
later books.

THE DOMINO KILLER by Neil White, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Joe Parker finally comes face to face with the man he believes is
responsible for his younger sister’s murder.

DARK AS MY HEART by Antti Tuomainen, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
Aleksi’s mother disappeared without a trace when he was only 13. Twenty
years later he is convinced that a charismatic millionaire Henrik Saarinen
has murdered her.

THE KILLING LESSONS by Saul Black, reviewed by Madeleine Marsh
The hunt for a serial killer brings a San Francisco homicide detective to
the edge of physical and emotional collapse, but it’s a long and bloody
journey and Valerie Hart has no choice but to follow.

BURNT PAPER SKY by Gilly Macmillan, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Allowing her eight-year-old son a few moments of freedom in the woods leads
to every mother’s nightmare when Rachel Finch’s son disappears, presumed

THE TREMOR OF FORGERY by Patricia Highsmith, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Stranded in a small Tunisian town, American writer Ingham takes violent
action against an attempted burglar, but finds himself curiously
indifferent to the outcome.

THE CASE OF THE MISSING MADONNA by Lin Anderson, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Patrick le Courvoisier is trying to forget his past by living on a boat in
Cannes and doing some PI work for people. But the British spooks have other
ideas and want him back in the fold.

BLACK RUN by Antonio Manzini, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When a body is uncovered by a snowcat grooming the piste in Champoluc, cop
Rocco Schiavone just knows the job is going to be a pain in the neck.

KILL ME DARLING by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins, reviewed by John
PI Mike Hammer, on a massive drinking binge after girlfriend/secretary
Velda leaves him, apparently for a gang boss, heads for Miami after the
murder of the police captain who brought them together.

DEVASTATION ROAD by Jason Hewitt, reviewed by Chris Roberts
A man awakens bereft of memory, and wanders across a Germany devastated by
conflict in the company of two others, both also struggling with the
upheavals of wartime.

PERFIDIA by James Ellroy, reviewed by John Cleal
As tension in Los Angeles explodes with the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl
Harbour, its corrupt rulers bid to exploit the situation for their own

THROUGH THE EVIL DAYS by Julia Spencer-Fleming, reviewed by John Cleal
During an ice storm, police chief Russ Van Alstyne and his wife, Episcopal
pastor Clare Fergusson, battle a brutal drugs gang and corrupt law
enforcement officers in a deadly chase to track down a seriously ill little
girl, kidnapped from the scene of a double killing.

URBAN OUTLAWS: BLACKOUT by Peter Jay Black, reviewed by Linda Wilson
The Urban Outlaws are on the trail of a destructive virus, but some old
enemies are determined to get to it before they do.

HIDE AND SEEK by Jane Casey, reviewed by Linda Wilson
One of Jess Tennant’s classmates has gone missing. Jess is warned to keep
her nose out of police business, but she’s not going to let Inspector Dan
Henderson cramp her style, even if he is her boyfriend’s dad.

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