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Crime Review Update

In our new edition of Crime Review ( this week we
have 16 reviews, together with Quentin Bates in the Countdown interview hot
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This week’s reviews are:
REAL TIGERS by Mick Herron, reviewed by Arnold Taylor
Catherine Standish, one of the out of favour MI5 officers based in Slough
House, is kidnapped by a former soldier out for revenge. Jackson Lamb, the
head of Slough House, is determined to free her.

THE TURNING TIDE by Brooke Magnanti, reviewed by Linda Wilson
Erykah Macdonald is getting ready to leave her husband and her nice, safe
suburban life behind, but her plans are thrown into disarray by an
unexpected windfall.

AFTER YOU DIE by Eva Dolan, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
Peterborough Hate Crime cops DI Dushan Zigic and DS Mel Ferreira are out in
the sticks this time after a woman is murdered and her disabled daughter
left for dead.

I’M TRAVELLING ALONE by Samuel Bjork, reviewed by Chris Roberts
A six-year-old is discovered hanging from a tree in Oslo, with an airline
tag ‘I’m travelling alone’ around her neck. Other clues suggest more deaths
will follow.

MODESTY BLAISE: RIPPER JAX by Peter O’Donnell (author) Enric Badia Romero
(artist), reviewed by Linda Wilson
Four more adventures for Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin, brought to life
on the page by artist Enric Romero.

HIS BLOODY PROJECT by Graeme Macrae Burnet, reviewed by John Cleal
A triple murder in a remote Scottish village leads a 17-year-old to trial.
He admits the killings, but motive remains the question, and his fate is

VICTIM WITHOUT A FACE by Stefan Ahnhem, reviewed by Ewa Sherman
The instant Detective Fabian Risk leaves Stockholm and moves with his
family to his hometown of Helsingborg, he becomes involved in a string of
horrendous murders of his schoolfriends.

THE OSIRIS RITUAL by George Mann, reviewed by Jane Appleby
An ancient mummy, a mysterious secret agent and magician's trick all
combine in the second adventure in the Newbury and Hobbes series.

THE RAIN by Virginia Bergin (audiobook), reviewed by Linda Wilson
It’s in the rain! And if the rain touches you, you’re dead.

THE MAYFAIR MYSTERY by Frank Richardson, reviewed by John Cleal
The body of a society doctor is discovered by his valet who hurries to
inform a lifelong friend of the dead man. They return to find the body gone.

DRAGON DAY by Lisa Brackmann, reviewed by Chris Roberts
When Ellie McEnroe is asked by Sidney Cao to play detective she can’t say
no, but is only too aware that snooping around the rich and powerful of
Beijing can be very dangerous.

THE CRIME MUSEUM UNCOVERED by Jackie Kelly and Julia Hoffbrand, reviewed by
Linda Wilson
Take a trip behind the scenes of the Metropolitan Police Crime Museum.

THE PROTECTOR by SJ Deas, reviewed by John Cleal
William Falkland is again pressed into service by Oliver Cromwell, this
time to find a kidnapped woman whose return is seen as vital to the
parliamentary cause.

DEAD LEVEL by Damien Boyd, reviewed by Sharon Wheeler
DI Nick Dixon is in disgrace – but he’s not on the sidelines for long as
police try to track down the killer of a Tory parliamentary candidate’s wife

ESCAPE TO PERDITION by James Silvester, reviewed by Chris Roberts
Peter Lowe is in the Czech Republic to monitor possible re-integration with
Slovakia, but secretly operating to prevent a merger by any means necessary.

A SHADOWED LIVERY by Charlie Garratt, reviewed by John Cleal
Lady Isabelle Barleigh shoots her disabled son on his wedding eve, then
turns the gun on herself. An hour later his distraught fiancee commits
suicide. DI James Given, assigned to re-examine the case, soon finds all is
not as it seems.

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