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RTE Update

The April 02 2016  issue of RTE is out and includes fifteen new reviews as well as a new interview:

Jacqueline Winspear  in the 'Sixty seconds with . . .' interview hot seat:

Reviews this week:

THE NEVER-OPEN DESERT DINER    James Anderson   Reviewed by Yvonne Klein   
Ben Jones, an independent trucker with a route along a secondary Utah highway, leads a relatively untroubled life until he falls in love with a cello-playing woman who seems to be hiding out in the desert.
OFF THE GRID    C. J. Box    Reviewed by Sharon Mensing       
Joe and Nate Romanowski must stop a terrorist plot to take down the electrical grid.

DOUBLE SWITCH    T. T. Monday        Reviewed by Jim Napier       
A pro baseball player and part-time PI tries to help an ex-Cuban recover his family from kidnappers and finds himself confronted by a ruthless professional killer and accused of murder himself.

THE MASTERMIND    David Unger    Reviewed by Christine Zibas       
With nothing to live for, Attorney Guillermo Rosensweig decides to make his death meaningful by taking his own life but accusing the country's president of his murder. As happens with love and politics, however, nothing goes as planned.

THE FATHER    Anton Svensson    Reviewed by Barbara Fister       
Three boys raised by an abusive East European immigrant in Sweden become a team of daring bank robbers.

THE EX     Alafair Burke        Reviewed by Craig Sisterson       
Olivia Randall is a top New York City lawyer who finds herself defending her former fiancé when he's accused of triple murder and his daughter begs Olivia to help. But while Olivia can't believe the Jack Harris she knew would kill anyone, doubts flicker as all the evidence begins to mount.

BLOOD STRAND    Chris Ould    Reviewed by Cathy Downs       
Returning to the Faroe Islands, the place of his birth, after decades away, Jan Reyna searches for why his birth mother fled the Faroes with him as an infant; once he arrives, the small island police force needs help with a body washed up on the beach

JOURNEY TO MUNICH       Jacqueline Winspear    Reviewed by Ann Pearson   
Maisie Dodds is called back by the British Secret Service to facilitate the release of an engineer imprisoned in Dachau by impersonating his daughter.

MYCROFT HOLMES  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Anna Waterhouse Reviewed by PJ Coldren
A very young Mycroft Holmes finds himself in Trinidad, pursuing his fiancée and a crime or two

THE INFIDEL STAIN    M. J. Carter    Reviewed by Rebecca Nesvet       
Avery and Blake are back, in 1840s London, where they probe the gruesome murders of a series of printers

HARD COLD WINTER    Glen Erik Hamilton    Reviewed by PJ Coldren   
Former Army Ranger Van Shaw does a favor for an old friend, and winds up in the middle of a major mess involving his past and some very powerful people.

THE SPIRIT OF GRACE    Terry Lynn Thomas   Reviewed by Diana Borse
The Spirit of Grace is the spirit of Sarah Bennett's long-dead mother who appears to Sarah now and then with hints about Sarah's past and the death of the only mother she ever knew was blamed on Sarah.
THE CRACKED SPINE    Paige Shelton     Reviewed by Lourdes Venard       
On starting her new job at a bookstore in Edinburgh, American Delaney Nichols finds herself investigating a murder instead.

DEATH DEALS A HAND    Janet Dawson    Reviewed by Sharon Katz       
Jill McLeod loves her job as a Zephyrette on the California Zephyr train. As the hostess she gets to meet many different people as they travel across the country. But when one of the porters finds a passenger shot it's up to Jill to find out who the murderer is.

TRACKING THE BEAST    Henry Kisor    Reviewed by Sharon Mensing       
Steve Martinez, Sheriff of Porcupine County, Michigan, tracks a train-loving killer through the northern Michigan and Canadian landscape surrounding Lake Superior.

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