Monday, January 16, 2017

Market Call: Deadline Jan. 21 - Seeking original crime poetry

As you may know, I run the Five-Two weekly crime poetry site, I'm currently seeking two more 
original poems to fit the February 2017 theme of love gone wrong/crimes 
of passion.

There is no monetary payment, but all contributors receive a 
complimentary copy of the annual poetry ebook where their work appears. 
If you're up to doing a reading of your poem by audio file or phone, 
your voice will be featured on the poem's companion YouTube video. 
Alternatively, I can have a volunteer record for you.

Each poem post includes a bio where you can promote your stories, books,
and websites. I'm open to first-time poets. You may find, as I do, that
some ideas that don't fit well into stories make excellent poems. 
Writing poems may also help you see your ideas from different angles, 
helping you with stories you're working on.

The deadline to submit for the February theme is Saturday, January 21, but general submissions are always open:

Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to reading your poems.

Gerald So

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