Friday, January 20, 2023

FFB Review: Born In Death: Eve Dallas Mysteries by J.D. Robb

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a rock solid homicide cop any time of the day or night. Give her a childbirth class and watch her squirm in horrified terror. That is exactly what she is doing, along with Roarke, as Born in Death begins. Mavis and her partner, Leonardo, are about to have the long awaited baby, and Dallas is fulfilling her promise to her best friend.


Once the hideous class is over, the four of them will go out to eat. They soon to be parents bring along a friend of theirs, Tandy Willowby. Like Mavis, she is not that far out from giving birth. She is to be a single mom, having relocated from London. She is pretty much alone in NYC in January 2060 and so Mavis and Leonardo are helping her as much as she will allow. Tandy has a job at the White Stork, which is a baby boutique. Tandy is due the week before Mavis is due and that means both ladies are due very soon.


Tandy going missing will be one of two cases that propel this book.


The other involves the brutal murder of Natalie Copperfield. She was found by her sister, Palma Copperfield, when she arrived to stay with her. Natalie was not just murdered. She was tortured first. Some items have also clearly been stolen from her apartment. The deceased worked for the accounting firm of Sloan, Myers, and Kraus. Whether her job, her boyfriend, or something else had a role in her death is yet to be determined.


What follows is a complicated and fast moving read where the cases and others drive the action forward at a steady clip. While all the usual caveats apply-especially head hopping- the story soon pulls the reader in and one ignores the flaws as the tale unfolds. Born in Death is another good read.



My reading copy came in digital format by way of the OverDrive/Libby app and the Dallas Public Library System.


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