Thursday, March 23, 2023

Review: An Evil Heart: A Kate Burkholder Novel by Linda Castillo

An Evil Heart: A Kate Burkholder Novel by Linda Castillo opens just a few days before Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is to be wed to John Tomasetti. Fall has come to the Amish country side Surrounding Painters Mill, Ohio, and the land is pretty as the trees take on their fall colors. Kate’s on the wedding is soon destroyed as she has a case to work. What might have been a simple hit and run is instead a murder. Not just a murder, but a brutal and savage execution.


Aden Karn is the victim of being shot twice by a crossbow. A bolt was fired into his abdomen a couple of inches above his navel. Then, with the twenty-year-old man gravely wounded, the shooter manually pushed the bolt through his body and out his back. That freed bolt was retrieved, and then is forced deep into his mouth before being fired again through the back of the throat and back of his head. The person who did this wanted to inflict a lot of pain and terror to kill in such a brutal way.


Aden Karn initially seems to have been a great guy. But, nobody’s perfect. As Chief Burkholder and her team work the case, it becomes clear that Karn was hiding a lot of dark things. Plenty of folks had a reason to kill him. Isolating who did it gets increasingly complicated and more difficult in An Evil Heart: A Novel.


After the events of The Hidden One took Kate Burkholder away from home, An Evil Heart keeps her local and makes the tale stronger thanks to the inclusion of the usual secondary characters. All the regulars are fully involved in this brutal and violent case. The latest in this long running series as a complicated and detailed read that works on all levels. Well worth your time, it is nice to have Burkholder and the gang back together in the powerfully good, An Evil Heart: A Novel by Linda Castillo.


My reading copy came by way of an ARC by way of NetGalley. The currently scheduled release date is July 11th.


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