Saturday, March 25, 2023

Scott's Take: Ghost Rider Vol 1: Unchained by Benjamin Percy

Ghost Rider Vol 1: Unchained by Benjamin Percy (the author of the current Wolverine series) is the newest Ghost Rider series with Johnny Blaze as the lead. We find Johnny currently living a happy life with his wife and kids in a quiet town. He is suffering from the after effects of a motorcycle accident. He suffered a head injury and is dealing with occasional hallucinations that cause him to see the people around him as monsters. As long-time readers know, his wife and kids are dead so something is clearly wrong.

The first part of the read is about Johnny trying to what is real and what is not. When he does, he then goes across the country fighting against the demons who have made rural America their hunting grounds while being hunted by the FBI.

This is a back-to-basics Ghost Rider volume which establishes how hard the Johnny Blaze life is and why the world needs the Ghost Rider. Since most superheroes are not nomadic, evil can build up in small towns that people don’t care about. In a way, he is Jack Reacher and cleaning up rural America one town at a time.

The art is really good and the monsters are suitable disgusting and horrific. The violent battles are bloody and full gore. There is a ton of death, body horror, and gruesome images. This is not for kids. This is a dark tale with strong horror themes. This series continues with the late April 2023 release of Ghost Rider Vol 2: Shadow Country. There are also two more miniseries that are supposed to be launching out of this series as well. This revitalization of Ghost Rider seems to be doing quite well. It’s nice to have Johnny back as a lead character again. 

My reading copy came via the Hoopla app of the Dallas Public Library System.


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