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Scott's Take: Nightwing Vol 2: Get Grayson by Tom Taylor

Nightwing Vol 2: Get Grayson by Tom Taylor is technically the third volume because there is an unnumbered volume that collects the Fear State tie ins along with some other miscellaneous other stories. I reviewed the first volume,  Nightwing Vol 1: Leaping Into The Light, but not the Fear State tie ins. This volume collects 4 issues of Nightwing and one issue of Superman. The same crossover that is in Superman: Son of Kal-el Volume 2 that I reviewed previously is reprinted here again in its entirety.


In Nightwing Vol 2: Get Grayson, Blockbuster puts out a hit on Dick Grayson, Nightwing, because Dick Grayson publicly said he was going to use his money to help the people of the city have a better life. For scum like Blockbuster, he needs people to suffer for him to make money. Grayson’s plan simply can’t happen. So, he puts a hit on Dick Grayson. Luckily, Batgirl discovers the problem, and alerts Nightwing as well as the entire team of Titans. This result in Nightwing teaming up with various heroes, Raven, the Flash (Wally), and others, throughout this tale as he resolves his assassin problem.


While the assassins are a major threat for Nightwing, as soon as his friends show up, the read becomes more comedic in nature. While several of these trained killers are the world’s best assassins, facing off with people with actual superhero powers and not just skills, is beyond their capabilities. Such as the genius who decides to headbutt Superman. Then there are the folks who decide to shoot ordinary guns at The Flash. These brilliant folks shoot at him even though they are aware that The Flash has super speed.


The art is excellent and Nightwing Vol 2: Get Grayson is a fun volume even if it is a rather short one. I am looking forward to the third volume when they do finally release it. There is also a new series that will tie into that third volume by this author which will see the Titans being the premier superhero team in the DC Universe as the Justice League has disbanded after various deaths and resurrections. Can Nightwing and friends step up to the plate as Earth’s defenders?


My reading copy came from the North Oak Cliff Branch of the Dallas Public Library System.


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