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FFB Review: Blaze! Spanish Gold (Blaze! Western Series Book 18) by Ben Boulden

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Unity, Utah, is where Kate and J.D. Blaze were planning to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The badlands that surround the town are home to numerous silver and gold mines. Those mines are responsible for most of the males in the town of Unity. Some of those miners and few others are in the saloon known as Petey’s Bucket of Blood as is Kate Blaze. That is until a nearby gunshot draws her and numerous others out to the dark streets like moths to a flame.


That pull leads Katie Blaze and numerous members of the local populace to a nearby alley where they find Sheriff Gentry holding a man at gunpoint. That man facing the deadly blast from a shotgun should he do anything at all is her husband, J.D. Blaze. If that wasn’t bad enough, Deputy Haskins is dead nearby and J.D. did kill him. Why he did it is not clear and most folks don’t care and want Sheriff Gentry to mete out justice with his shotgun. Fortunately for J. D. and his wife, Sheriff Gentry is not ready to shoot J.D. unless he has no other choice.


Why J. D. Blaze killed Deputy Haskins and what that had to do with the missing Spanish gold, missing men, and an albino who seems to have nefarious purposes in mind, are just some of the factors at work in Blaze! Spanish Gold.  This is the eighteenth installment in the adult western series started by author Stephen Mertz. Like others in the series, including author Ben Boulden’s recent installment entry, Blaze! Red Rock Rampage, this is a standalone entry chronicling the exploits of the married gunfighter duo.


Those exploits happen on the trail, in town, and are often violent in nature against those who mean to do them harm. Those exploits are also detailed when they are in the form of a passionate nature as a married couple. These books are billed “adult westerns” and that means there is a high level of detail regarding intimate moments that one rarely sees in a western.


Blaze! Spanish Gold is another solidly good western tale with a few good guys, plenty of black hats, and a lot more innocents that can’t escape the evil that has Utah, Unity in its grasp. The mystery and romantic elements add color to a fine western tale.  A fast and fun read that is well worth your time. 


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