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FFB Review: Obsession in Death: In Death Series by J.D. Robb


It is just days away from the end of 2060 as Obsession in Death by J.D. Robb begins. The clock is ticking in a variety of ways. For most, it is the anticipation of a new year. For others, it is a hunt for a killer.


As the fortieth book in the series begins, Lieutenant Eve Dallas of NYSPD is standing over a body. This time the body is a woman, a high-profile defense attorney, and one that tangled with Dallas in court. Leanore Bastwick is very much dead in her bed. Somebody is proudly taking credit for the murder via the message on the wall above the headboard. The message also claims that the killer did it for Dallas to serve justice.


Dallas always saw their conflict as professionals doing their jobs. Nothing more. Bastwick was doing her job as a good defense attorney. Dallas was doing hers. However, somebody else Bastwick’s recent actions in court as disrespect and decided to serve justice by killing Bastwick. Strangulation by wire garrote. If that was not enough, the killer cut her tongue and put in a dish next to the bed.


It’s bad enough that the woman is dead, but now Dallas has somebody who believes that he or she is the one true friend and destined to right wrongs done to Dallas. Bastwick was just doing her job and died. Who else does Dallas interact with that might be on the list of a killer? Not just folks doing their job, but actual friends who else will become a target as the idiolatry fades because it is not appreciated or reciprocated?


Like the list of potential targets, the list of potential suspects is huge and a daunting one. Good thing Dallas has Roarke, Peabody, and a lot of other people willing to work as the hunt begins for a killer. The killer might be crazy, but the initial planning and execution of the first kill is very good. The first kill has been accomplished without a trace left behind.


It won’t be the last.


Obsession in Death by J.D. Robb is another entertaining read in this long running police procedural series. A good series that does not get enough credit as the incredible reviewer and book champion Lesa Holstine noted in her review of Random in Death.


The series does not get enough attention. One suspects that might be because the romance angle in the books and the fact that the author is well known for romance reads. If that is why, it is unfortunate as these books are primarily police procedurals where crime and justice are the main course and the romance is a nice side dish.



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