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Scott's Take: Avengers Vol 1: The Impossible City by Jed Mackay

Avengers Vol 1: The Impossible City by Jed Mackay has the tough task of creating a new Avengers roster, setting up the rest of the series, and laying out the major threats that are coming to face them. This roster led by Captain Marvel includes Thor, Iron Man, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Vision, Black Panther, and the Scarlet Witch. They are teaming up with their longtime foe Kang the Conqueror to stop a new villain from obtaining the missing moment. A lost period of time that supposedly contains some sort of treasure.


While they work with Kang to try and stop the theft of the missing moment, they must also face off against new foes. The Ashen Combine, a group of multiversal city killers, descend upon the Earth. It’s up to the Avengers to stop these mass murdering psychos before they kill thousands of innocent people in simultaneous attacks all around the globe.


Featuring a roster of familiar heroes and great art, this is a high stakes action story. Every character gets a good moment to shine and help solidify why they are on the roster.


For this reader, not having Steve Rogers on the roster is strange. But, it makes sense as is currently fighting fascists alongside the X-Men in another book.  The dude can’t be everywhere at once.


A couple of characters get costume changes partially through the bound series. Why that occurs is never explained or referenced since the costume changes occurred in different reads. An example of this problem is that here, after a couple of issues, Iron Man is suddenly wearing a stealth suit as a member of the Avengers, though his reasons that are very clearly explained in his own series, are not stated here. 


Another example is how Sam and Black Panther have a beef from a previous series, and do not like each other, but the reasons are not explained again in this read.


The art is great and full of interesting action pieces with new unique villains. Avengers Volume 2: Twilight Dreaming is expected to come out in July 2024.


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