Sunday, December 05, 2010

Holiday Goodies

If you are tired of fighting all the brick and mortar store crowds and sick of all the usual internet sales sites, and want to support your fellow writers and their families, I have a couple of links for you.

Barry Ergang just updated his books for sale at He says he just added a bunch of mysteries yesterday so even if you looked before and did not find anything that strikes your fancy, surf over and take a look. By the way, Barry is also now up with some of his older published stuff available on Smashwords. You can search under his name or go directly to his stuff by clicking

My wife, Sandi, has been making craft projects for years. What first was done as gifts for family and friends has expanded the last couple of years into a business of sorts. She has started trying to sell some stuff on iOffer. Her store is at

Barry’s efforts and my wife’s efforts got my son, Karl, thinking about what he could sell. So, using his online moniker of THUNDERCATSNYY, Karl set up an account over at Amazon to sell stuff and has had some decent success moving electronics, movies, and a couple of other types of items. His store on Amazon is at: and changes almost daily because he adds things to replace stuff he has sold. He also set up a deal on iOffer to help move some of his Mom’s stuff and other items he can’t sell/list at Amazon via

So, there you have it. A shameless plug for folks you know and their families. By all means, I am not saying don’t shop elsewhere or don’t give to your favorite charity. I am saying that if you want to buy from folks that you know and trust, and want to know that your monies definitely helped folks in need that you know, we are here and could use your help and support.

On behalf of Barry and my family, I thank you.


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